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‘Jericho’ blogging: “Jennings & Rall”

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So, Ravenwood is Jennings & Rall’s private army, huh? How did we not see that coming? (Isn’t it chilling how the seemingly innocuous phrase “wholly owned subsidiary” has become so, you know, chilling?) Still, “this isn’t Iraq,” Eric reminds Jake. Or is it? The entirety of Jericho is so clearly a response to everything the U.S. government has been up to in the last seven years, but this episode in particularly seems to be asking one pointed question: “How do you like being occupied, Middle America? How do you like being occupied by someone who doesn’t have your best interests at heart? Not so nice, is it?”
But there’s hope, too. Not everyone is a despicable stooge like Goetz (who’da thunk D.B. Sweeney could be so repulsive a bad guy?). I’m delighted to see that Beck may not be a bad guy. Looks like maybe Trish the spunky blond J&R gal is going to be a friend, too. And even someone like Jake, who, when we first met him, seemed more shady than not. He turned out to be okay — more than okay. Boy, has Jericho turned me into a Skeet Ulrich fan or what? That scene when Jake’s explaining to Eric what happened over in Iraq that shook him up so much? Wow. The guy is good.

I love these characters more the longer the show goes on, and I love the complexity of their situation. And I’m suddenly stuck by this thought: Whenever and however this show ends — and rumor has it that CBS has already pulled the plug, again — there won’t be any going back to “normal” for these people. The world has changed too much, and even if we get a hundred or two hundred episodes, that will always be true. We’re always going to be left wanting more.

Random thoughts on “Jennings & Rall”:

• Hawkins has some cojones, huh? Walking right into Beck’s office like that? Geez. “The only way out of this thing is through it?” Wow.

• Somehow it’s very sad to see the shelves of Dale’s store so empty. Those couple of lonely bottles of soda in the commercial fridge? *sniff*

• Why do I fear for Bonnie going to Cheyenne?

• “You may be wearing civilian clothes but you’re anything but civilized,” says Kenji to Goetz. Yikes.

• What’s with that dropped bag of Hudson River virus vaccine? How is that going to come back to haunt the people of Jericho? Could it be that it wasn’t actually vaccine in those test tubes, but the virus itself, and all of Goetz’s maneuvering was merely a kind of reverse psychology to get Jake and Co. to inject themselves with it? You know, a germ-warfare move to cow the already traumatized people of the Allied States of America even more than they already are? (Or maybe Goetz himself doesn’t even know what was really in the test tubes?) Or is this show just making me conspiracy-theory nutso?

• Who is on the other end of Hawkins mysterious phone call? I recognize that voice, and the name is right on the tip of my brain…

(Next week: First they came for the guy who runs the grocery store, and I did nothing, because I was not a guy who runs a grocery store…, in “Oversight”)

(Get a full recap or watch the entire episode at CBS’s official site for the show.)

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