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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

‘Jericho’ blogging: “Reconstruction”

(Get a full recap or watch the entire episode at CBS’s official site for the show.)

You thought the bombs were scary? The bombs weren’t nuthin’. Now comes the scary stuff: the political machinations and, well, the Second American Civil War. It’s like everything we’ve seen up to now on Jericho has been prelude — the getting through winter with enough to eat, the defending the town from pirates and thugs. Those bad guys merely wanted to steal some canned food. The bad guys we’re starting to see now, the ones that were only hinted at previously, want to steal America.
That was the chilling stuff in this debut episode of Season Two: the new flag of the U.S.-East-of-the-Mississippi, with too few stars and the stripes going the wrong way. And the changing of the flag in Jericho’s town square — that was way more disturbing than, say, the Chinese food-and-leaflet drop just after the bombs. That may have heralded invasion, but invaders can be repulsed, sent home. What do you do when the villains are within, like a cancer? Oh, the shiny happy corporate folks from Jennings & Rall, with their smiling faces and brand-new MacBooks and their making the good, scared people of Jericho feel safe again with their paperwork and their clipboards and their in-chargeness. Isn’t it nice to leave the thinking to other people again?

But some of the people of Jericho don’t think so.

That’s what’s so great about this show. It’s about regular folks getting the shock of their lives: not mushroom clouds on the horizon but the sudden realization that Authority not necessarily good or right. TV is back, but it’s all clear propaganda — North Korean and Iran were behind the bombs? — that we and at least a few Jerichoan like Jake know is false merely because Hawkins happened to choose this town for his bolthole. I haven’t been sure all along if we could trust Hawkins, but now I think we can, particularly with the new plan he’s hatched with his old teammate Chavez to expose the traitors in the old U.S. government whose false-flag attack brought the nation down — not to mention the two others that they “wiped… off the map to cover it up” — and who are now setting themselves up as the new U.S. government.

The thing is… I’m not sure if we can’t trust Beck, the Army guy who’s commanding the reconstruction in Jericho, either. He seems like a decent enough guy, wily and smart and diplomatic, too. Just because he’s working for the bad guys doesn’t mean he knows they’re the bad guys. He could be a formidable ally for Jake and Co. later on… or a formidable enemy…

Random thoughts on “Reconstruction”:

• You can stop a train with a tank? Cool.

• Aww. Mimi asks Stanley to marry her, and then he asks her to marry him? Too cute.

• 15 million dead or dying? Geez…

(Next week: The president is coming, president is coming! in “Condor”)

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