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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

top 5 best things at the Oscars

• Jon Stewart bringing Markéta Irglová back out to make her acceptance speech

• no glomming onto Heath Ledger sadness (except in the in-memoriam segment, where it belonged)

• Helen Mirren, goddess among women, and ohmygod that dress

• the long linger on Cuba Gooding Jr.’s win for Best Supporting Actor in that montage, as if the Academy were acknowledging that they wish, just like the rest of us do, that they could take it back

• George Clooney, for whom the Academy should institute the George Clooney of the Year Award, and every year it would go to George Clooney

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  • I loved Helen Mirren’s dress, but I love to see more color in formal attire. OTOH, some of the fashion experts dissed it. Fui!

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Simply saying Helen Mirren say “cojones” was probably the single most erotic moment of my life thus far.

  • Looks like the ratings for last night’s Oscars telecast was 14% lower than the lowest previous figure… I guess not very many people cared about watching them too much.

    My favorite bit was Jon Stewart watching Lawrence of Arabia (or pretending to, anyway; I wonder if anyone there actually knows how to rip a DVD into an iPhone-compatible format) on a 3.5″ screen. When he said, “Oh, that’s a camel”, I totally got it.

  • Mugsy©

    Oscar “Attendance”.
    I was almost not going to watch the Academy A
    Awards, thinking “I’m going to see the best
    parts on YouTube anyway, and that may be
    just the thing on the minds of millions,
    bringing the initial viewership down.
    I am, as I get older, less inclined towards
    Hollywood constructs in general. Maybe that
    also is happening a lot everywhere.

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