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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

top 5 Jon Stewart jokes at the Oscars

• “Thank god for teen pregnancy.” (about Juno)

• “Too often the Academy ignores movies that aren’t good.” (about Norbit)

• “Oscar is 80 this year, which makes him automatically the frontrunner for the Republican nomination.”

• “Usually when you have a black man or a woman president, a meteor is about to hit the Statue of Liberty.”

• “According to the IMDB…” (which is, I believe, the first mention of the IMDB at the Oscars)

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  • Pedro

    bah. Jon Stewart’s a dick.

  • shoop

    While I think “dick” is a bit harsh, I do think that a better title for this section might be “5 least lame, bordering on mildly amusing things Jon Stewart said during a long night of flop sweat and genuine insecurity as to how much he could poke fun at the Academy.” It’s too bad–the man is not completely without talent or a sense of humor.

    That said, if you found Stewart to be enjoyable, well done–glad you had a good time.

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