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watch it: “Rogue Spy Satellite Blast”

What the hell is this? I haven’t got the foggiest idea. The Department of Defense says it’s video of its shootdown of a satellite on Wednesday night. It looks like a bad video game from the 1980s to me.

Assuming the U.S. Navy really did actually shoot down a satellite from the surface of Planet Earth, can we believe the reasons the Pentagon offered for even trying? Why should the hydrazine fuel on the satellite pose a danger when a similar hydrazine tank on the shuttle Columbia — which broke up over Texas a couple of years ago — caused no problems whatsoever? Is this satellite shootdown merely a response to the Chinese proving last year that they could blow stuff from space? Was this the returning volley in a new Cold War for space?

I have no answers. I just know that the Pentagon is using the Internet to distribute video for its own propagandistic purposes, be they nefarious or not. Oh, and also, that it all reminds me of the out-of-control Indian nuclear satellite that caused so many problems in the 1991 film Until the End of the World. Which rocked my world, and still does.

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