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‘Battlestar Galactica,’ the Last Supper

I’ve been seeing this ad around Manhattan, on the sides of phone kiosks and such:


Six as Jesus? Interesting. Particulary since the Season Four premiere seems to put Gaius Baltar in that position (my spoiler-free review of the episode is coming on Monday, and then I’ll discuss subsequent episodes just after they air). Though maybe he’s more John the Baptist.

Apparently this image originated in an issue of Entertainment Weekly, for which showrunner Ron Moore explained the significance on a character-by-character basis.

Anyway, discuss. As Boing Boing notes, it’s “sacrelicious”!

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  • Ryan H

    Quick thought on Six-as-Jesus. The red dress makes it Baltar’s Six (the one in his head). So, if Baltar is John the Baptist, what does it say that the Jesus figure is only a voice in his head?

  • Tom S.

    The EW caption that tags Lee Adama as “Judas-like?” might be a bit off-base. In the original painting, Judas is sitting in the spot that this version leaves blank for the undisclosed new Cylon type.

  • Ryan

    Yes, calling Lee Adama a Judas might be a bit of a stretch…especially as he is one of the few people at the table not secretly a cylon…

    speaking of, where is Xena? I assume she will show up in season 4…strange her character isn’t at the table.

  • MaryAnn

    especially as he is one of the few people at the table not secretly a cylon…

    Do we know that for sure…?

  • Ryan

    Well, not explicitly, no. But, we do know that Adama is NOT a cylon…and given the time-line of the mini-series and the fact that his ex-wife is not a cylon (unless she was the final one, in which case Lee would be eliminated for that reason) we can implicitly assume that neither Lee Adama nor his deceased brother were Cylons.

    However, BSG has shown a willingness to play loosely with this sort of logic before, as Colonel Tigh shouldn’t really be able to be a Cylon, if only because a military would probably have pretty strict background checks that I would think would catch something glaring like NO CHILDHOOD.

    So, who knows…

  • boz

    military was not effective enough to discern cylons, boomer is prime example for that. what bothers me is cylons didn’t have skinjobs back when tigh admitted to military (razor movie). how can he exists.

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