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‘Jericho’ blogging: “Oversight”

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Okay, so I was right to fear for Bonnie. But the poor girl never even got a chance to leave town. Oh, man… Horrible way for Stanley to learn, but maybe he gets it now: that things aren’t like they used to be, that corrupt politicians and evil corporations have gone a step too far, and yet it’s a perfectly logical, perfectly reasonable step, from the corrupt and evil perspective, at least. And they must be stopped.
Just when you think Jennings & Rall cannot possibly get any worse, we get that bombshell from Hawkins’ informant, that J&R actually planned the whole nightmare: the nukings of every major American city. I mean, maybe not planned, back in 1993, with an eye toward actually carrying it out — of course it would have been presented and probably even intended merely as an exercise, a wargame — but surely it can’t have been long before someone saw the vast opportunities for an ambitious corporation in such a project. Why not? J&R got a taste for it — for the no-oversight, do-whatever-you-want, and make a hefty profit in the process — while in Iraq. How much better to do the same on American soil, where the weather is better and everyone speaks English? Brilliant. Evil, but brilliant.

“Come on, guys, this is not Red Dawn!” Stanley says. Yeah, it’s worse. Treason is always worse. Except J&R is loyal only to J&R. Time to rise up and oust these organized psychopaths. I’m not sure if having your Boston Tea Party planning meeting at the only bar/burger joint in town is the best way to keep it secret, except someone always rats you out anyway. And now we have Bonnie, the Crispus Attucks of the Second American Revolution.

Oh, it will be absolutely criminal if CBS doesn’t renew this show — or if someone else doesn’t pick it up! It’s just starting to get really interesting, and it’s just starting to tell a story that really needs to be told: about how America has gone off track, and what it will take to get it back. Sure, it’s all exaggerated and metaphoric, but still: If Jericho doesn’t make you furious about its real-life parallels (if you weren’t already), if it doesn’t make you itch to figure out how to make it right again, then, well, you must own Jennings & Rall stock.

(Next week: Final three episodes already? Noooo!, starts with “Termination for Cause”)

(Get a full recap or watch the entire episode at CBS’s official site for the show.)

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