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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

‘Jericho’ blogging: “Termination for Cause”

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Holy crap. I mean: Ho. Ly. Crap. Stanley? I wouldn’t have expected this from Stanley. He’s so gentle. But maybe those are the guys who snap when the worst happens.

So — *deep breath* — Stanley shot Goetz. Executed him. For Bonnie’s murder. Wow.
Ups and downs like crazy in this episode Trish turns out to be on the side of the angels, but Jennings & Rall and the administration of the president of the United States — the old United States — were basically one and the same. So — wait a sec… what happened to that president? Is he still alive? Is he the one bringing together what’s left of the United States east of the Mississippi? If that’s the case, then it’s pretty much J&R on both sides of the Mississippi… so why the split? If Jericho manages to hang on for another season, does that mean we’re looking at a war between two factions of Jennings & Rall?


Or maybe a third season of the show will be about the war between whatever rises to take the place of J&R west of the Mississippi. Cuz it looks like we’re on the road to what had to be inevitable from the beginning: the Second American Revolution. I’ve been saying it for a while, and now our Jake is using the word, at least in the coming attractions for next week.

Which way will Beck swing — will he join Trish with the good guys? Or will he literally swing, like Goetz?

Sorry, I’m too overwhelmed by this episode to even think straight about it. There sure as hell had better be more than two episodes to come, though I suspect there won’t be, and this story that is so compelling and so important will never be finished. Damn TV, anyway…

(Next week: Imagine: the year is 1776, and the colonial farmers and merchants have a nuclear bomb. Oh dear…, it’s “Sedition”)

(Get a full recap or watch the entire episode at CBS’s official site for the show.)

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