Lil’ Bush: Resident of the United States: Season One: The Invasion Begins (review)

It’s sort of shocking to see how aggressively this manic Comedy Central animated series ridicules the Bush adminstration and its foibles… if you can stomach calling warmongering, the embracing of torture, and the denial of evolution “foibles.” The grumbling little troll that is Lil’ Cheney is good pals with Satan and regularly bites the heads of chickens and sucks them dry of their blood — that’s satire, and pretty daring. But the antics of Lil’ Bush and his lil’ posse across these six episodes, which first aired in mid 2007, are like the Little Rascals with weapons of mass destruction: there are only so many jokes about the clusterfuck of Iraq, environmental degradation, and anti-science attitudes that can be made before it strikes you that none of it is really any laughing matter. Sporadically amusing, but never really pointed enough to be more than taking easy swipes at easy targets, this is one of those chuckle-until-you-cry things. This uncensored edition is full of language that Comedy Central wouldn’t dare air, and also features cast and creator commentaries; special commentary tracks by Ralph Nader, Jerry Springer, and Tucker Carlson; the never-before-seen episode “Walter Reed”;”Lil’ George’s White House Tour”; and more. [buy at Amazon]

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