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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “star wars is evil (according to christians)”

Cuz you can never get enough Star Wars stuff:

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  • Drave

    I, like many people, am completely unable to tell fiction from reality. Thank god we’ve got people like this brave young man to set the record straight, and make sure we know that Star Wars is not, in fact, a documentary. I only regret that his group failed in their attempts to add a message to the beginning of The Da Vinci Code explaining “This is not real. It is a movie.”

  • Mo


    Thanks for the laugh, but may I just say for the record once and for all as a Christian who’s been obsessed with Star Wars since I was 3 years old, THESE PEOPLE DO NOT SPEAK FOR ME.

    *sigh* Not that anyone ever listens to the rest of us…

  • bats

    If we’re going to plumb the depths of what is “real” and what is “not real,” I’m fairly sure that Kirk Cameron is “not real.” Or maybe that’s just an evaluation of his acting abilities…

  • JSW

    We’ve got to get [url=http://theforce.net/fanfilms/shortfilms/jedipreachers/index.asp]these guys[/url] to set up across the street from those guys.

  • Drave

    Of course, that guy is actually just a comedian who is trying to stir things up. I do think it’s a little frustrating that we live in a world where people can take him seriously because people often do make protests like this with complete sincerity.

  • JSW

    Sorry, that should be this.

  • Aaaauuuggghhh!!!

    This is why the world thinks we Christians are a bunch of nutcases.

    Note to fundamentalists: It’s hard to speak for Jesus with your head stuffed up your booty.

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