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‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Six of One”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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So I’m watching Battlestar Galactica last night, and my Sci Fi Friday pal Bonnie asks me, about halfway through the episode, how I think it’s all gonna end: who’s the other secret Cylon, what’s the deal with Earth, etc.

And all I could say was, “I have no frakkin’ idea.” Every episode of this show just leaves me further flummoxed… and, it must be said, further intrigued. All this mystical mumbo jumbo about Earth from Starbuck? All the mystical mumbo jumbo about transformation from the Cylon hybrid in the tank? The president’s aim being deflected when she shot at Starbuck? A “divine plan” in the Cylons’ design? I’m with Admiral Atheist on all this: I don’t think I can say the word miracle.
And geez, if anything’s gonna put ya off religion, it’s gotta be Gaius Baltar, right? Ugh, he’s so unctuous and oily with his “disciples” — how can they not see that? Poor Tory, having to endure him oozing all over her. Gross. (It would be enough to make ya feel bad for a Cylon, if the Cylons weren’t already frequently more sympathetic than the humans.) James Callis is hilarious, though, and even more so now that he’s seeing an imaginary, superfastidious and even more supercilious Gaius — imaginary Six in disguise? the beginnings of his sleeper-Cylon programming turning itself on? holy crap: what?! And just what kind of insanity would make him say something like “Oh my giddy aunt” anyway?

So: Civil war among the Cylons. Interesting. They’re arguing over whether they’re even allowed to argue over the Final Five. They’re lobotomizing Raiders. They’re no longer even sticking together with their own models — if one of them can defect, who’s to say others won’t do the same in the future? (Boomer dancing? Oddly enough, that reminded me of the Terminator Cameron doing ballet in The Sarah Connor Chronicles.) I bet half of the models don’t even make it to Earth. Oh, hey, I just realized that there’s something I think will happen in the end: at least some of the Cylons will arrive at Earth with the humans, and will have to come to some sort of way to coexist. Unless whichever Cylons are left after their civil war destroy all the humans and, what? Six and Leoben turn out to be Adam and Eve? Wouldn’t that be interesting…

No, I doubt that will happen. I think the differences between Cylon and human will be erased — it’s already happening with the hybrid children. Maybe we won’t ever learn who the final secret Cylon is because it won’t matter. Being a Cylon will be a matter of philosophy, not biology. Ich bein ein Cylon.

Or maybe Starbuck is the final Cylon, not matter that the Four don’t think she is because she hasn’t sought them out the way they sought out one another. Maybe there was a divine — or at least a very, very old — plan involved in the Cylons’ creation. Because if Kara is a Cylon, and she feels as if she’s “been there [to Earth] before,” if she feels “like I’d never left”… well. Maybe we, the people of Earth in the here and now, are the Cylons, and we seeded the Twelve Colonies with created humans, who in turn re-created their masters when they made the Cylons.

It’s so crazy, and so pseudoreligious, that it might actually be true.

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