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bits from *next* Christmas’s ‘Doctor Who’

It’s unembeddable and it’ll probably disappear soon, but if you can stand some minor spoilers (like about which baddie will be making the Doctor’s Christmas 2008 a whole lot of no fun), click over to You Tube for some fan-shot video of a location shoot for Doctor Who. (They gotta get this stuff in the can before David Tennant goes off to do Shakespeare in Stratford-on-Avon, I guess.) Good stuff — if hard to see — with Tennant being very nice to fans at the end.

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  • Poly in London

    One of the most exciting things about the Doctor Who Christmas special is that David Morrissey (of BBC’s Blackpool and State of Play – I have repressed the Sharon Stone film) is in it.
    Several British papers and Gettyimages carried photos from filming last week, mild spoilers:

  • MaryAnn

    Cool. Morrissey is awesome… though you wouldn’t know it from any of the American films he’s been in, which have abused him something awful. But *Blackpool* and *State of Play*? Brilliant. (I really should get around to reviewing those soon… especially since David Tennant’s in the first and John Simm is in the second.)

  • Sonia

    Ooooh! Yes, please do a Blackpool review. I quite enjoy Blackpool. And how sweet is David to sign autographs in the middle of the night? (Oh gosh, listen to me go on.) It’ll be great to see him and Morrissey back on the screen together.

  • Has everyone seen the 2+ minute preview that was on the Children in Need special last night? It’s up on Youtube. Looks great!

    I want to go on record here and now with my guess as to what’s happening in the show. The other Doctor and his assistant Rosita are LARPers (Live Action Role Players, for any non-geek who happens to wander in here by mistake) from the future–think Jeff Daniels’ wonderful time travel movie Grand Tour-Disaster in Time, but the visitors from the future are role players, not just tourists. They’re role-playing the Doctor and Rose–just got Rose’s name a bit off–because they are “the stuff of legend” (see Satan Pit). The Cybershades are the creation of the guys running the game–again, just a bit off the “legend.” They must have gotten the Doctor’s story via Mr. Copper (VotD).

    Real Cybermen get wind of the faux Cybershades and come to see what’s going on. The real Doctor (the one and only Ten) then has to save the day, as is his wont.

    Come back and tell me how right I was (if I was!) after it airs! I will be insufferably smug about if it so. :-)

  • Diane

    Interesting. But don’t role-players usually stay in their own time and act out bits from other time periods? Either way, it’ll be interesting to see if your guess pans out.

    I also thought the preview was great. Can’t wait to see the special!


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