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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

daily list: 5 ideas for fan campaigns to save cult TV shows

The vampire romance drama Moonlight, which I’ve gotten myself hooked on (I wrote about it recently at Film.com) has been renewed for a second season — new episodes return on April 25th — partly, perhaps, in response to a fan campaign to raise awareness of the show via a blood donation drive.

Seems we’re hearing about these clever fan campaigns more often — more shockingly, they’re even having an impact. So let’s get moving to bring back more of our favorite cult SF and fantasy series. Here’s some ideas for getting the word out. If we all do these things, imagine the impact we could have…
Freaks and Geeks: Buy a thousand SAT prep workbooks, fill out all the answers in all the practice tests (correctly! — 1800s count for something, you know), and drop ship them to NBC.

Starman: Buy one ton of ballbearings and, pretending that they’re magical alien orbs that can make manifest your every wish, hold each one individually, one at a time, and think “Save Starman!” Ship to Fox.

Twin Peaks: Two words: jelly donuts. Lots of them.

Max Headroom: Download your consciousness into one of those keychain Flash drives and sent yourself to ABC headquarters in New York. Don’t forget to program yourself to repeat “Bring Max back!” in a neverending loop.

Firefly: Wait for humanity to develop cheap interstellar space travel, then purchase you own starship — more hipster cred to you if it’s falling apart. Fly to the headquarters of New New Fox Mindvision and hold executives hostage until they put the show back on the air.

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