daily list: 8 things it’s okay to think about Doctor Who

“It’s ok to think Doctor Who is gay, says David Tennant,” blares a headline at TimesOnline. Which is hilarious… doubly so because it turns out the article is about David Tennant saying it’s okay if you think he, the actor — and not the character of the Doctor — is gay. He isn’t — gay, that is. Tennant, that is. I suspect the Doctor is far too culturally advanced to even think along such narrow lines. He might draw the line at certain species, of course…

I’m sure there’s much we don’t know about the Doctor, but that doesn’t mean it’s not okay to imagine:
1. It’s okay to think the Doctor is a teetotaler and a vegetarian, if it makes you feel better. Though actually, there’s nothing he enjoys better than a big frosty glass of Romulan ale with his half-pound Arcturian yak burgers.

2. It’s okay to think the Doctor has no fashion sense. He’s confident enough to not be affected by such shallowness. Plus, he won that eveningwear competition on Ghwety IV that one time.

3. It’s okay to think the Doctor has kind of an unhealthy relationship with the TARDIS. You should see what some of those new upgrades he’s installed recently can do.

4. It’s okay to think the Doctor has been getting it on with his companions in the TARDIS bedrooms. You know how unreliable the TARDIS can be? That goes for those new upgrades too, you know.

5. It’s okay to think the Doctor’s affinity for planet Earth is kind of strange, given all the other planets he could be hanging out on. Turns out he just likes the monster movies: he thinks they’re hilarious.

6. It’s okay to think the Doctor would probably fancy you if you met you. He would — he’s not as picky as you’d think.

7. It’s okay to think the Doctor’s various British-sounding accents are too wild a coincidence to be believable (just what are the odds that multiple Gallifreyan accents would just so happen to align perfectly with multiple British accents?) They got a lot of BBC on Gallifrey when the Doctor was a kid — Z-Cars was his favorite.

8. It’s okay to think the Doctor secretly couldn’t stand Adric. None of us could.

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Thu, Apr 10, 2008 1:35pm

mostly a recent convert but I remember reaidng that one of the reasons that Tennant couldn’t do his own scottish (beautiful scottish) accent was that they wanted his accent to be a London accent like Billie’s – I’m not sure if they do this with every companion but it was described as if he had absorbed a little bit of her when he regenerated – perhaps due to the unusual nature of the regeneration, it might explain why they had that special relationship.

Thu, Apr 10, 2008 10:47pm

This was the first interesting, amusing article I’ve read on Dr. Who. Though I personally love his taste in clothes, both Dr. Who and David Tennant, as I am a fellow interesting suit wearer from way back. (An old boyfriend and I would wear plaid suits together. Fun.)

I never wondered if the doctor was a teetotaler but I did wonder if perhaps he couldn’t physically get drunk with his high, 2 heart metabolism. Hmmmmm.

Thanks for the posting from a big fan and fellow New Yorker though living in Chicago these days.

Sat, Apr 12, 2008 9:28am

Yeah, about the British accent, I always just
pegged the Doctor as a major league alien
Anglophile – his clothing up through the old
series is part of that too. He’s like a kid
dressing up for a Star Trek convention.