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scenes from New York Comic Con 2008: costumes

It was nonstop Halloween at New York Comic Con, which featured some very serious costuming… like, on a level so professional it was easy to believe that really was a Jedi Knight or a Stormtrooper wandering the showfloor…

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Even superheroes get tired:

These guys were from The Fedora Chronicles:

Where else would you find hanging out together Dr. Henry Jones Sr., Captain Jack Sparrow, Anakin Skywalker, and a Nazi officer?:

A closeup of Dr. Henry Jones Sr. (and Nazi friend):

A TIE fighter pilot and Princess Leia queue up for a caffeine fix:

A different Princess Leia (bikini Leias were very popular):

Though the classic Leia is always a chic choice, too:

It’s true: the universe most represented among the costumers was Star Wars:

Everybody loves a lightsaber:

Really, everyone:

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  • Fett101

    That’s no TIE fighter pilot. That’s an elite Imperial Storm Commando. Or maybe a gothy Scout Trooper.

    I apologize for my geekiness.

  • and i *love* the little glasses the Starbucks Leia has on…

  • Danielle

    Great pics, and some really good costumes! I’ve never done the big convention thing, but I do have an ultra-geeky Renaissance Faire costume. I need to post some pics of my quite David Tennant-like husband in his Doctor getup in my journal someday.

  • Jigsy Q.

    There seems to be a growing subculture of Victorian cosplayers too. I saw a few of them. I guess it’s steampunk related or something.

  • MaryAnn

    Yeah, it’s a steampunk thing. I’m not sure where that impulse is coming from — what is it about Victorian culture that is speaking to people today?

  • bitchen frizzy

    Maybe it’s the clothes and the do’s.

    The Victorian-era middle class – in myth, at least -dressed and groomed suavely and with some degree of flair.

    That’s a change from the present, where Dockers and a two-button polo is “dressed up.”

    That’s why “Dickens Christmas” is popular now, anyway. It’s all about being able to wear a cape and tophat, and carry a swagger stick.

  • Jigsy Q.

    Yeah it’s definitely a somewhat romantic view of the Victorian era. Steampunkers never seem to get the Cholera, or go home to windowless tenaments. They are also never beaten & robbed by gangs of Irish rowdies or billy clubbed by overly aggressive police officers. And I doubt any of them has ever eaten sawdust bread.

    Next year I think I’ll go as a steampunk Bowery B’hoy and just assault people randomly.

  • pedro

    oh my god, the nerds, THE NERDS!!

    AAAAAHHHH GEEK GIRL ATTACK!!! NNNOOOOOOO!!!! I’m being overpowered by ugly fat girls!!! HELP MEEEEE!!!!!

  • amanohyo

    *whispers* pssst, pedro… the person who made this site is a girl who writes Dr. Who fanfics (and has published a geeky guide to The Princess Bride).

    As far as I can tell, being a nerd (or a geek) just means you’re passionate about something other than sports, guns, cars, make-up, cooking, or clothes. I guess nerd connotes studying and geek connotes a love of technology, but the negative connotations of both are all but gone (at least that’s the case at the high schools I’ve worked at).

    That attack you’re so terrified of is called a “glomp.” It’s their way of saying hello. Just relax and try talking to them instead of running away. You’ll discover that many nerds are wonderful, intelligent, passionate people (even the overweight, unattractive ones).

  • MaryAnn

    I don’t see any unattractive people in the pictures I posted. I think Pedro is just jealous that he isn’t cool enough for cute girls in frilly dresses or badass chicks with lightsabers to attack him.

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