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scenes from New York Comic Con 2008: stuff to buy

Geeks are nothing if not consumers of cool crap. Following are pictures of some of the intriguing stuff I saw for sale at New York Comic Con. Of course I bought some stuff for myself too. It was a silly indulgence, but I couldn’t resist picking up a toy sonic screwdriver — it’s just like the Doctor’s! Except without the power to do anything other than make a neat noise and glow blue on the end. *sigh*

But the most fascinating toy I saw at the con was My Beating Heart, a soft, cuddly pillow with a battery-powered heartbeat. Now, that sounds a little weird at first, but it’s impossible to describe how relaxing and soothing it is to hug one of these. Everyone I forced to try mine made a face at first, and then they went, “Oooh” once they felt the heartbeat — it’s the result of some sort of secret technology that isn’t like anything you’ve ever felt before. It’s sooo lovely. You can buy them online — tell them I sent you.

And now the rest of the cool junk:
Lots of comics, of course:

I spoke to Paul from PopFun during the early hours of the con, when only press and industry were allowed to wander the show floor, and I told him that I thought he was gonna do really well, since all us Xer geeks remember rushing to Burger King to get superhero glasses. And every time I passed his booth later in the con, he was furiously wrapping glasses and taking money:

Lifesize bust. The Post-it next to the one reading “$1500” reads “Hello My Name Is Anakin”:

Cute funky hats from Basiik:

Oops, a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea. Geek Box makes display cases for all your geek treasures:


More T-shirts than you could wear in your whole life:

Really? High School Musical?



Not so much:

Cons: where the Cthulhu and the Pokemon lie down together:

Some of these were probably mine, a long time ago in a backyard far away:


The weird plush things are coming for us:

(see also: Boogily Heads)

Other stuff that intrigued me that I didn’t get images of:

• The designer USB Flash drives from Mimobot (like this Boba Fett one). Funky!

Collectibles Insurance Services, which will insure your geek treasures, which aren’t, apparently, generally covered under a homeowner’s policy

Geek Bouteek, which has some of the cleverest geek T-shirts I’ve ever seen

• The tiny talismans from VooDoo Baby. At another convention recently I bought “Z,” who is supposed to “liberate you from clingy people so you can get a little space.” I don’t really have a problem with clingy people — I just like that he looks like the Dread Pirate Roberts.

UPDATED: Here’s the image of the Star Wars toys I meant to post above, where the wall of army guys is now:

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