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a pint of ‘Doctor Who’?

I’m not sure that “a pint of Adipose beer” has quite the ring to it that a beer drinker is looking for, but I bet that’s not stopping anyone. Though I suspect the Martha Jones and the Astrid brews are more popular. Do you think Falstaff Brewery in Derby, England, serves Tennant’s lager, too? It’s really apropos of nothing, but this Tennant’s ad is hilarious:

Now, someone needs to make a Doctor Who wine. This is the closest I could find:

(The Falstaff beers come via Behind the Sofa.)

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  • Love the ad. The wife had a pint of Tennants while we were on honeymoon in the UK back in March. She did it solely based on the name…

  • MaryAnn

    So, does she eat in McDonald’s just because that’s his *real* name…? :->

  • Jack

    Is it just me or is that burning planet effect in the fanvid from Rapture [a Battlestar episode]? Of course, it might be the one from later episodes of Doctor Who, I don’t know…

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