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cultural vandal | by maryann johanson

‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Sine Qua Non”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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Okay, so Lee Adama is now president of the colonists, the entire fleet is in the hands of the Cylon skinjob Tigh, and Adama has gone off in search of Laura Roslin. These are some fairly dramatic developments, and yet what sticks with me most is in this episode is the cat.
Oh, poor Badger with his dead cat! (Yes, I know his name is Lampkin, but I when I look at actor Mark Sheppard, I see Badger, the awesome character he played in Firefly — sorry). It’s not only all so poignant, it’s a little touch of what I’ve been talking about recently: it seems to me that these people, these few survivors of the near destruction of humanity, and certainly of the destruction of human civilization, should be way more traumatized than they seem to be. And here we have Badger with his cat, whom he doesn’t even like and yet can’t let go of. Very sad, and exactly the kind of thing we should expect from people who’ve been through pretty much the worst thing that could happen.

Everybody was acting particularly human — in the way we use that word when we mean it as a synonym for “weak” or “flawed” — in this episode, actually. I mean, geez, what has Tigh been getting up to with the prisoner Six? Holy crap, she’s pregnant? Has Tigh finally gone round the bend? “She has been more cooperative,” he tells Adama — oh crap, he’s not raping her, is he? Or is she the one manipulating and using and abusing him? That does seem more likely, but still… And hey, if she is pregnant and Tigh is the father, that would make for a fully Cylon baby, wouldn’t it? A model that doesn’t already exist, right? Maybe the baby is the missing Cylon…

And ya gotta love, in that boys-will-be-boys way, Adama and Tigh’s argument:

“You’re risking all our lives, for what? Our missing pilots? Nooo. For a woman! For a frakkin’ woman!”

“You watch what you frakkin’ say about that woman! She’s the president, not some frakkin’ skinjob that I’ve been banging.”

Yoikes. And then comes the “you motherfrakker!” and the fisticuffs. Men. Do they ever grow up?

Interesting, though, that Adama, in his questioning of Sharon, says “you murdered an unarmed woman,” meaning the Six. Adama is concerned about ruining the truce — I don’t think he genuinely cares about the Six beyond that — but he and Sharon are in private, and yet even here, where diplomacy is not an issue, instead of calling the dead Cylon a “skinjob” or “the Six,” he grants her the status of “woman”… of human. Very interesting indeed…

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(Watch full episodes and get recaps at Sci Fi’s official site for the show.)

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