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‘Doctor Who’ not-blogging: “The Unicorn and the Wasp”

I’ll get around to geeking out over this episode in detail in due course (I’m up to “The Sontaran Stratagem,” which is here), but since we’re going to be Doctor Who-less for two weeks in both America and England — next weekend is a holiday on both sides of the pond, and apparently it’s one of those holidays during which everyone is out believed to be playing outside in the nice weather instead of inside watching telly — I just want to take this opportunity to say: Is “The Unicorn and the Wasp” the funniest episode of Doctor Who ever? I think it might be.

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  • Oh, absolutely. Funnier than most comedy shows. I was rolling around on the couch.

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    I didn’t think it was funnier than ‘City of Death’ or ‘The Pirate Planet’, but it’s easily the funniest episode of Doctor Who *not* to be written by one of the twentieth century’s greatest novelists. Because, frankly, that’s an unfair advantage.

  • Barb Gorczyca

    When I saw this eppie, I kept thinking this is the new series’ version of Black Orchid. I thoroughly enjoyed it and once again the dear Doctor is behind another historical mystery/incident.

  • joy

    Unicorn and the Wasp has become my favorite episode of this series. Loved it. Though watching with the BBC commentary wasn’t as fun as it would have been with DT and CT. I’m just sayin’.

  • Sonia

    How brilliant was the poison/detox bit? I loved it. They were both so good in it!

    And yes, a DT/CT commentary would have been great.

  • Ryan H

    And you know it is going to deeply offend all sorts of fans who are going to complain it was too campy and silly and not serious enough.

    I’d put it second this season, behind Pompeii, although they are about as different as two shows of the same series can be. Donna had some really excellent one liners this time around.

  • PaulW

    I vote for the Sun Makers. A spoof/critique of oppressive bureaucracy. When Leela figures out “everyone runs from the taxman,” you can’t stop laughing from that point on…

  • Paul

    Doctor Who hasn’t been suspended in the UK next week because of the Bank Holiday. (They didn’t for the first Bank Holiday in May, after all). It’s because of the Eurovision Song Contest.

  • MaryAnn

    Ah, well, it amounts to the same thing: no new DW next week.

  • Paul

    Very true. But there will be a nice long trailer, at least!

  • angel

    I giggles all the way through, though the kitchen scene turned my giggles into guffaws. And how about the “Spot the Title” game – how much fun was that?

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