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I hate the Sci Fi Channel’s ‘Doctor Who’ promos

They’re terrible. Ditto the coming attractions at the end of each episode. They don’t capture a real sense of the story — especially when compared to the British previews on the end of each episode, which are pretty much uniformly brilliant. And Sci Fi promos are often misleading. Or simply flat-out wrong, like the one Sci Fi has been airing all week for “The Sontaran Stratagem,” which debuts here in the U.S. tomorrow.

The announcer has a bit about how “the Doctor is in for the shock of his 903-year life” in this Sontaran story. Which is just plain wrong. As exciting and intriguing as the Sontaran story is, there’s nothing in the episode that shocks the Doctor more than anything has ever shocked him before. And this is particularly annoying because that shock-of-a-lifetime thing could be said about what happens two episodes later, in an episode called “The Doctor’s Daughter.” As the title might imply, there is stuff in that episode that could reasonably be termed “the shock of the Doctor’s life.” But how will Sci Fi describe it? They’ve already shot their wad.


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