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‘Torchwood’ and ‘Robin Hood’ now available on iTunes

Hoorah! Both seasons of Torchwood are now available for download on iTunes. If you haven’t a chance to see the show, here’s a way to catch up. (I’m almost done with blogging about Season 1, and then I’ll move right into Season 2, so if you want to participate in the discussion, get downloading.)

Also available on iTunes is Season 2 of Robin Hood, which just debuted on BBC America. I had a love/hate thing with Season 1, but I’ll keep watching because of the love side: Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisbourne. He’s worth enduring the rest of it for. I don’t get BBC America, but I’m delighted that there’s a way I can see the show legally.

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  • Oooooh. I might need to free up some room on my Ipod! I love me some Torchwood!

  • I felt the same about Season 1 — it was really good and really bad at the same time. There were moments, especially at the start, where I thought it was one of the more brilliant series I’d seen, especially where the Sheriff was concerned. But the show gets bogged down by the one villain / one hero thing — it just became harder and harder to believe those two would let each other get away so many times.

    I haven’t started season 2 yet. Maybe I’ll wait and see how you like it first.

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