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‘Battlestar Galactica’ blogging: “Revelations”

(lots of spoilers! assumes you’ve seen the episode!)

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So. Earth.

I’m sure it wasn’t only me who said to herself, If they see the head of the Statue of Liberty on that beach, I’m gonna lose it.

So, they did it, Ron Moore and David Eick. They finally did it. Damn them all to hell: they got us to Earth, and it’s not what we were thinking. Or maybe it was. Past, or future? We still can’t tell. Surely that is the ruins of the temple they were all wandering around in — the temple that Lee was looking at in the old book early in the episode. Which means the people of Earth, of the 13th colony, were of the same culture and civilization as the other 12 colonies. But we know there’s no temple like that on Earth, and we don’t have folks out on other planets. But still: the Earth the fleet and the Cylons just arrived at could be in our distant future, where none of that has happened yet. Or it could be in the distant past, so distant in the past that we’ve forgotten it, or mythologized it in the names of old gods.
And I’m thinking it may well be the distant past, and that we humans of today are meant to be the descendents of those 39,665 human and 12 Cylon models. Listen to what Starbuck said to Lee in the same scene with the old book: “For children to reach their full potential, their parents have to die.” That just smacks of all kinds of foreshadowing to me: clearly, Bill Adama may not be long for this mortal plane — certainly Roslin’s warning to Lee that he’s not off the hook yet, that great things will be expected of him in the future, suggests that he has yet to reach his full potential, which he won’t be able to do his father’s shadow. But does that also mean that all those humans and all those Cylons have to die, too, before the children who are the offspring of both — kids like Hera Agathon and Nicholas Tyrol for starters, though they are likely to have many cousins soon — can find their place in the universe? Because those children, if my theory is right, are us. Should we, Moore and Eick could be saying, be reaching for a new potential?

Oh, and another thing: Colonies are, you know, colonies. If Earth isn’t the original home but merely another offshoot of home, where is home?

And now we wait for the revelation of the fifth and final secret Cylon. Can we say for sure now that the fifth is not on the Galactica? Because then wouldn’t D’Anna have demanded that all five come to the base ship, not just the four? She knows who the fifth is, and didn’t ask for him/her… so what does that mean? (It means, perhaps, for one, that it’s not, as many have speculated, poor Felix, back at work and hobbling around on one leg.) Could the fifth be on Earth? (Just because there’s ruins in one place doesn’t mean there’s no one at all living on the planet.) Could the final five not only have been to Earth, as we keep getting reminded, but could they be from Earth? That would suggest a much longer and deeper involvement and communication with Earth and whoever may be there than had previously been hinted at, but isn’t that already the case? Because we know that Tyrol and Tigh certainly have not been to Earth during the events of the last few years since the Cylons nuked humanity (or do we know that…?) — which means they would have had to go to Earth before the events of the series anyway. Right?

It’s gonna be a long summer, and fall…

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(Watch full episodes and get recaps at Sci Fi’s official site for the show.)

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