Billie Piper gets naughty

Have you seen Behind the Sofa? It’s a collaborative blog from the U.K. where the writers do kinda what I’ve been doing with my Doctor Who blogging, except they’re somewhat more critical than I am. And by that I mean that they are somewhat less psychotically in love with the show than I am, and tend to look at it with a slightly more jaundiced eye that I find myself capable of doing.

One difference between their approach and mine, however, that never fails to make me laugh at all our peccadilloes, is that most of the writers over there — most of whom are male — are madly in love with the companions. Where I tend to get all fannish and drooly over the Doctor and sometimes almost ignore the gals, they’re doing the opposite, writing love letters to Billie Piper and Catherine Tate and, when they mention the Doctor at all, it’s often with a kind of dripping snideness: “Oh, whaddaya know, there’s David Tennant being all David Tennant-y again” is the general attitude.
I mention this because I can only imagine how the Behind the Sofa guys must have reacted to the series Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which debuted last fall in Britain and begins here in the States on Showtime tonight, at 10:30pm Eastern. Piper — yes, sweet Rose Tyler herself — stars as Hannah, legal secretary by day, and “Belle,” high-class hooker by night. The show rather scandalized Great Britain when it aired there:

Billie Piper’s much-vaunted appearance as a high-class call-girl in new series The Secret Diary of a Call Girl has caused something of a stir — and these steamy photos show why.

The 25-year-old actress appears in a ménage a trois with a couple, prances around in lingerie, and even appears completely nude in a darkened boudoir-like room.

And yes, there are many steamy photos to be found at that Daily Mail page.

It sounds like all the fanboys will be very happy with the show.

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