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Blockbuster is run by idiots

The Hollywood Reporter says the company is developing a new service “that will allow consumers to download movies onto portable devices in two minutes.”

Got that? You have to get in your car and drive to a Blockbuster story — not forgetting to bring along a gadget that serves no other purpose other than transporting the movie home again, assuming you remembered to plug it in to recharge it the night before — where you will stand in line in front of an ATM-type machinge to await your turn to plug this gadget into the kiosk and stand there while it downloads your movie.

Meanwhile, the rest of the planet will just be downloading movies directly from Netflix or iTunes or the BBC or the Sci Fi Channel — or Disney — to their TiVos.

If Blockbuster had set up an executive committee to come up with the worst way to get movies to consumers, they couldn’t have done better.

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