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‘Doctor Who’ not-blogging: “The Stolen Earth”

No. No no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

This cannot be. There’s no way. No freakin’ way. It would have to have been the biggest secret ever, plus the biggest misdirection campaign ever. So there’s no way. Right? Tell me I’m right.

I was pissed off right at the beginning, when I was ready to call Russell Davies evil for the UNIT-in-New York thing, because I’m doing UNIT in New York — it’s mine. But that pales in comparison to how the episode ends. Which just makes me want to collapse into endless spasming of moaning, “No no no no no no no” for a week until we find out how this ends, which I’m going to have to spend the week telling myself won’t be the way this looks.

Evil. Davies is evil. He cannot possibly ever get any more evil than this. Except, he probably can, next week.


If there needs to be a riot and drawing-and-quartering, I’ll lead it.

(Feel free to spoil in the comments, and so don’t read the comments if you don’t want to have it all ruined for you.)

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  • Ryan H

    This broke my mind. I ended up re-watching the whole thing right away on the assumption that I had missed some subtle clue about how this all goes away.

    The final Harriet Jones scene almost made me want to cry. She was definitely the Doctor’s biggest mistake. Talk about going out with style.

    Next week is going to be epic. The episode is supposed to be 65 minutes long without commercials. That is going to be an hour of awesome. I wonder what the American broadcast will do with it. Either they have to do a special 90 minute or two hour block, or chop 20 minutes off the episode. 20 minutes! God knows what they will have to cut, and knowing Sci-Fi I’m guessing that’s the way they will go.

  • Evil as in “evil genius”, you mean.

    After the best Doctor Who cliffhanger in the history of Doctor Who cliffhangers, I expect the ratings next week will be phenomenal.

  • Poly in London

    Immediately after the episode finished, I texted a friend of mine: “I hate them. I hate RTD for writing it, I hate DT for taking part and never giving away anything. Bastards”. I might love them next week, when it turns out that it’s not true.
    I have a tension headache since yesterday. Can I sue them for mental stress.
    I have been good all year and avoided spoilers, but I am almost at the point of going through every single spoiler there is, just to reassure myself. And of course it won’t work because there will still be a doubt till I see next episode.
    P.S. After I know it’s not true, I ‘ll say how much fun it was.

  • MaryAnn

    Well, of course I mean evil genius.

    If the finale is 65 minutes, Sci Fi will have to show it in a 90-minute slot. Which they’re going to want to do anyway because with BSG off the air now, it’s the only ratings grabber they’ve got left. So they’ll milk it.

  • Mo

    Did the woman at the Shadow Proclamation say there IS something on her back or there WAS something on her back? Because it sure sounded like is to me…

    There’s at least 5 easy ways out that I can think of, knowing RTD’s love of deus ex machina gimmicks. Or maybe it’s just so far beyond what I’m prepared to handle at this point that I’m in complete and utter denial. Eeep. It would be a brilliant fake out if they went through with it. But I don’t think they will- it’s not worth it just for a fake out. But then again, that last Torchwood ep I’m still mentally blocking did go through with it. Gah. My head hurts.

  • I return once again to the interview Davies did with journalist Mark Lawson on BBC4 last Christmas. (I’ve just been watching it and jotting down shorthand notes, as I can’t find it on YouTube.)

    Lawson: Do you know how long you’ve got David Tennant for?

    Davies: Yes. Yes, I do.

    L: So you know his leaving date?

    D: I suppose so, yes… or… ooh, you’ve lulled me into a false sense of security. I know my leaving date as well.

    L: 2009 is what people say the date is.

    D: Do they? Fascinating. (laughs)

    L: But you know what you’re going to do in 2009.

    D: I do. Yes I do. (laughs)

    L: And it won’t be Doctor Who.

    D (grinning broadly): It might be. It’s far more complicated than you think, actually. It will be in all sorts of shapes and forms.

    L: It will be a Doctor Who movie.

    D (still grinning): That would be nice. I don’t know, do you think the world’s ready for that?

    My guess is that Tennant will do Doctor Who specials and movies from now on, with the 11th Doctor continuing on television. We keep seeing gratuitous close-ups of the hand in the jar… could this be the route to a two Doctors scenario? And if so, where’s his second Tardis going to come from?

  • Barb Gorczyca

    Wow, what a cliffhanger and for the first time no preview included at the end of the episode. Excellent. Plus, 65 minutes for the finale (with the SciFi channel, I could see them putting in a 90 minute slot, BBCA nada when they get it). Hopefully it won’t get botched up like last year’s finale. Is next Saturday here yet…

  • Here’s a trailer for next week, with lots of good old-fashioned ranting from Davros.


  • Poly in London

    “My guess is that Tennant will do Doctor Who specials and movies from now on, with the 11th Doctor continuing on television.” Could that work? That plan undermines both: the message is that the 11th Doctor is not good enough for films (frankly, if I was an actor offered the part of the 11th Doctor, I would be less than happy), and the 10th Doctor doesn’t have enough of tv exposure and the films might fall flat because of this (especially if the audience starts getting attached to the Doctor they see more).

    My guess (fuelled by my denial): I think DT agreed to series 5 very quickly after Steven Moffat agreed to take over. In terms of storylines, DT’s decision fed in both Steven Moffat’s story (all the clues about the Tenth Doctor sticking around for a while) and the way they would resolve the finale. RTD wanted to have a surprise regeneration, but the only way to have a surprise regeneration is to have a “fake” one. DT deciding to do series 5 gives them the opportunity to do a fake regeneration at the end of series 4 (I don’t think they want a fake regeneration at the end of series 4, and a real one four specials later, too close together). After the finale, we ‘ll know that we are keeping the Tenth Doctor and BBC will announce very quickly after that that DT has signed for series 5.

  • Ryan H

    Oh man, I’m not sure I can watch that trailer. Part of me really wants to, but the other half doesn’t want to spoil any of the impact from next week.

  • I take your point, Poly, but to my mind having Kirk/Spock movies running in tandem with Star Trek: The Next Generation on TV worked pretty well in the late 80s/early 90s. Maybe Davies can find a way to do it with Doctor Who to everyone’s satisfaction. There’s certainly a market for it, given Doctor Who’s current popularity in large parts of the English-speaking world.

  • Jackie

    The trailer it is fair to say is pretty much spoiler free as it doesn’t indicate the survival of any of those involved in the cliffhangers.

    I suspett that this will apply to every trailer this week!

  • Remember the Doctor’s Daughter. She did that regeneratey-type thing but her face/body didn’t change. Maybe that’s what’s happening here. (Fingers crossed.)

    Thanks to all the Brits who put episodes in places we can find them, I am all caught up with the British version! After Silence in the Library, I realized that I just couldn’t wait weeks for my Doctor fix. When my writer friend mentioned regeneration coupled with MaryAnn’s

    No. No no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

    I had to see for myself.

    What a kick-ass episode!

  • Ryan H

    I bet there are some reporters at the British tabloids getting absolutely reamed out this morning. Considering the glee with which they have scooped every major development over the past few years missing this one, even if it turns out to be false, has to bite.


    Well, I’ll say this: if there isn’t a full regeneration, then this is the biggest cop-out cliffhanger of all time. I’m not saying I want Tennant to leave (depends on who’s replacing him really), but for Davies to throw these chips down on the table is an all-in bet, and if Tennant is still there after next week I’m not sure any explanation will be good enough. You don’t get to pull your chips back, Russell T. But, we’ve all seen that they’re willing to do a regeneration without an actor change (i.e. the doctor’s daughter), so the chances are very (I repeat) very good (or bad, depending on your perspective) that Tennant will still be around next week. And if so, that’s about as disappointing as New Who will have ever been for me.

    But, if they really do it? Man… I’ll take back every bad word I’ve ever said about Davies. Because keeping a secret like this, for this long? That’s balls-to-the-wall badass, my friends. And it’d be a hell of a send-off for both of them.

  • MaryAnn

    God, I just can’t see how this could have been kept secret.

    David Tennant must be in hiding today, right? I mean, like, in a remote foreign location under an assumed name. Because if he isn’t, he must be under siege by the press.

    Someone in England, tell us if/how this is being covered in the press there. Cuz I don’t see anything in the Times or the Guardian.

    Seriously, this must be huge news there, right?

  • Poly in London

    “Seriously, this must be huge news there, right?”

    Well, it’s the weekend. The Sunday papers were already printed when the episode was shown (the press had preview tapes, but the last five minutes were removed – after the Doctor was hit. The press saw the regeneration live with the general public).

    Hardly any journalist or commentator works on Sundays, unless it’s something coming through the wires. They don’t update blogs either. The Telegraph has posted this:

    But for the real deal, you ‘ll have to wait tomorrow.

    It will be relatively easy to find David Tennant, on weekdays he should be in Stratford for rehearsals. And Stratford is a tiny place. But it’s a couple of hours from London, and it’s long way to go if he isn’t going to say anything. If he switches his mobile phone, he ‘ll probably be fine.

  • MaryAnn

    Since when has “he’s not going to say anything anyway” ever stopped the press from hounding people the press thinks know something the press thinks will sell newspapers/draw viewers? :->

  • Poly in London

    It’s the distance that stops them. With driving and looking around the place, it’s a day’s work for a “no comment” at best. And no other celebrities around to make up for the trip.
    Then again, what do I know?

  • Sonia

    I think we kinda had a similar reaction. I sat in front of my TV loudly repeating the word ‘no’ over and over again thru the credits and all…

    And I will tell you you’re right. There is no way. Seriously, not gonna happen. Can’t wait to see the clever way they get around that one.

  • MaryAnn

    I can think of a dozen ways to get around it, and even some that don’t make it feel like a cheat or a giant reset button within the context of the story, but I’m having a tough time coming up with a reason that’s got anything to do with anything other than being mean to we people who love the show and love Tennant as the Doctor.

    Russell Davies holds my tender fannish heart in his hands. He has the power to crush it into a gazillion tiny pieces. I hope he realizes that.

    Well, it’s the weekend. The Sunday papers were already printed when the episode was shown

    And people wonder why the print press is dying… :->

  • MaryAnn

    Actually, here’s my favorite idea at the moment: The Doctor regenerates, but he doesn’t change his physicality, only his personality. So we’d get a new Doctor, but one still played by Tennant. It’d give him a chance to do something new with the role while still playing the Doctor.

    That would make my head explode, I think. And it would be fascinating to watch Rose and Donna and Martha and Jack cope with the notion that he’s still the Doctor, and yet not *their* Doctor. And especially Rose and Jack, who have experience of another Doctor who was once their Doctor, too. Heads would explode, no?

    Also, it might prevent the crazy, rabid, what-color-is-the-sky-in-your-world? fans — as opposed to the genteely insane fans like me, who at least commute to reality — from actually tearing Tennant limb from limb. Which would be an overall plus for the cause of British drama, if not for Tennant himself.

  • Mark H Wilkinson

    Right? Tell me I’m right.

    You’re right. Whatever failings RTD may have as a writer, he would not give his leading man a exit line as limp as: “I’m sorry, it’s too late — I’m regenerating.”

  • The cliffhanger has practically been ignored by the British press, perhaps because it’s pretty certain Tennant will be around in some shape or form during the finale (and in the Christmas specials – following a political furore and public inquiry a few years ago, the BBC press office is duty-bound to tell the truth to journalists, even where drama is concerned, which means the stuff about Tennant’s involvement in 2009 has to be true).

    The sitution is neatly summed up by an American blogger at Wired, who includes a widely circulated but rather spoilery pic:


    Meanwhile the best the UK press can do (apart from the Telegraph link above) is in a local paper, the Coventry Telegraph:


    At the most popular online Doctor Who forum, they’re struggling to keep up and have posted this message:

    “The Forum is currently experiencing the busiest period in its history, including a record-breaking transmission day this past Saturday. During daytime hours we are seeing over 1000 users at a time, so things are running very slowly. We suggest coming back later if the Forum is not responding to you; it’s simply too many users at once.”

    Mission accomplished, Mr Davies.

  • jakob1978

    As Dave says above, Tennant has been reported as starring in the specials. The newspapers haven’t written much, probably because most of them have already published pictures of Tennant filming for the Christmas special (alongside his Blackpool co-star David Morissey).

    I’ve had some theories about what happens next myself (for one thing, it has to involve the hand in a jar…it seemed to be in shot in most of the TARDIS scenes).

  • alan

    What was Donna hearing when she was sitting on the stairs ? now that she is something new. Reminded me of the beat that the Master could hear !

    He is coming, the three fold man. He dances in the lonely places, … The doctor is coming.

    Is three fold man a reference to Multiple doctors ? Is it actually a reference to the doctor ? Also Dalek Caan later says that the Dark Lord is here. I doubt Sauron is going to make an appearence so would the Daleks really call the Doctor the Dark Lord ? – I thought they had a different name for him. To me Dark Lord means an evil Time Lord – the Master ? How about the Master in the doctors body, I mean who bought into the Master choosing to die !

  • Ryan H

    That’s quite the thought Alan. How about this; Tennant regenerates into John Simm’s Master, who is then forced to save the universe in order to save himself and gets killed (or betrayed by the companions!) at the end, forcing him to regenerate back into Tennant’s Who.

    I think I would have a geekgasm.

  • Poly in London

    I am sure it’s nothing, I am never right about these things, but when the Doctor was facing Davros and at the end says: “Byee!!”, the way he said it reminded me of Simm’s Master.

  • Lisa

    in the DW confidential which airs on BBC 3 2 other drs showed up McCoy and Davison are there the other part of the threefold man?

  • Lisa

    wish you could edit these that was are these the other 2 parts of the threefold man

    also if the rumours are true Rose might end up going off with a human version of the Doctor and hetting a mortgage in Pete’s world

    can I plug my forum for rabid DT fans – it’s not my forum I just spend all my time there


  • angel

    Mary Ann, your reaction pretty much mirrors mine. I truly did not see it coming and I am in a state of shock.

    RTD has me right in the palm of his hand, the bastard! The only thing that will get me through the week is knowing that he is as big a Doctor/Rose fan as any of the rest of us.

  • Sarah

    Think if we all call Rusty’s phone at once he’ll rewrite the script?

  • alan

    Wow, all this conjecture beats working !
    I think Donna is going to do a ‘Turn Left’ and we’ll end up with DT again. The interesting bit is what he will turn into. RTD likes messing with us so we should expect lots of twists and turns, and Red Herrings ! and of course, there is always the hand…

    Roll on saturday.

  • Poly in London

    The Guardian links to this blog story from their homepage with a photo of David Tennant and the headline “Tennant evicted?”

  • Der Bruno Stroszek

    Wasn’t the whole reason why they were going to switch to specials in 2009 because they needed to accomodate David Tennant’s RSC committments, or am I completely off the mark here? I think it would be pretty unprofessional to get the BBC to arrange one of their highest-rated shows around your schedule, then drop out before they get around to implementing said schedule.

    That’s my business rationale for what’s happening, at least. As for an in-universe explanation, I’m as stumped as everyone else.

    My favourite bit of fan speculation so far is that the “most faithful companion” that Dalek Caan predicts “everlasting death” for is the TARDIS. Season Seven redux?

  • MaryAnn

    How about the Master in the doctors body,

    I had a similar idea when the Master died — but didn’t really — last year, but I’ll save elaborating on that for my fanfic, maybe.

    The thing about the Christmas special and the 2009 movies is that they all could be big diversions. Perhaps Tennant appears in a flashback in the Christmas special… or perhaps his appearance on the set seeming to shoot a scene was a giant red herring. Perhaps there won’t be *any* “movies” or “specials” or whatever they’re calling them for 2009, and that was all a red herring, too.

    But like I said, there are many ways to get out of this, not the least of which is the fact that, as somone noted above, Donna’s still got “something on her back.” So I think we need to get ready for another reset button like we got at the end of “Turn Left.”

  • Erus

    I love visiting here for an intelligent review, but have never commented. Now I find myself caught up in the fanboy fervor and I want to play the speculation game too!

    Tenant will stick around for an extended goodbye… the “hand” caught in the energy of the Doctor’s current regeneration will also regenerate producing a “second” doctor, but allowing DT to survive.

    The second doctor will ultimately stay in “our” universe while DT will return with Rose to her universe to give that universe a Doctor and to live happily ever after … happy but removed from us the TV viewing audience forever (or until they want to do a guest shot.)


  • Steve

    This is personal speculation, I know nothing:

    It’s clear from his dialogue that BigD has set a trap which is all coming cleverly together. It’s also true that the Doctor’s entry point into the trap was via the Subway internet thingy that Harriet Jones introduced into the plot. Harriet Jones is now dead, or is she ? We heard the Dalek war cry and saw her monitor signal die but no actual death scene. Could it be that the former PM is either in cahoots or under the control of BigD, and does he have some reason for wanting the Doctor in the state he’s currently in ? Was that in fact Harriet Jones we saw, could it be the latest body vehicle for the villain from last year’s series finale ? These and other mad theories, will be completely ignored next Saturday, (sigh).

  • Karen

    My first reaction was “No no no nonoNOnono” etc.

    My second reaction was “oooh, John Simm?”

    My third reaction was “better not be a reset!” I don’t like resets (with a few exceptions). I think they’re cop-outs. Having said that, “Yesterday’s Enterprise” and “Inner Light” are two of my fave ST:TNG episodes…

    I would be terribly sad if the future with River Song were cut short.

    I’m tired of the daleks, and not all that thrilled to have Davros back. Time to move on to new villains. OTOH, mad cackling Caan was great!

    It’s going to be a loooooooonng week…Damn you RTD!
    *starts counting the seconds…*

  • MaryAnn

    Yes, the insane Caan was amazing. But yes, time to get rid of the Daleks — and Rose, too, frankly; I love her, but it’s time to move on, in the name of dramatically interesting stories — and time to move away from planet Earth for a while. I want to see some more of the rest of the universe, and meet some new monsters and villains and bad guys, etc.

  • Karen

    The one thing that makes me think we won’t be losing DT is simply this: he loves playing the role so much. It was a childhood dream. He digs in with such relish, I just can’t see him walking away (at least not yet).

    (gratuitous reminder to blog LoM, pretty please! I can’t wait to read your take on the various episodes. OTOH, don’t. I can do without re-igniting that obsession right now…)

  • boz

    But yes, time to get rid of the Daleks I disagree. They have to survive, because they are the only “race” Doctor is able to hate. He doesn’t give them a chance easily. They have more storytelling options than any other race.

    Besides, the moment they (UNIT, Torchwood, Rose, Sarah Jane) heard the word “exterminate” almost all hope diminished. No other villain can do that (well maybe The Master but he doesn’t destroy that much)

    Although I must accept RTD uses them too much.

  • Elise

    I still haven’t recovered from Saturday’s shocker. And being that I am the only Whovian I know, I have been going a little bit mad for two days now. Glad to know I am not the only one. Here’s to hoping that’s not the last we have seen of DT. My secret hope is we get two Doctors, one being Tennant and another being someone all new and mysterious. I could live with that ;-)

  • Weimlady

    GREAT death scene! Only one thing I would change–Capt. Jack should have handed the weapons off to the women and scooped the Doctor up in his arms and carried him into the TARDIS. It would have been such a Capt. Jack thing to do. And the way it was done, it looked like Rose & Donna dropped him on his face once they got him into the ship. OK, he was writhing in agony, probably makes it hard to hold on to him, but still….

    And, what’s up with the going nova to regenerate again? I thought he regenerated that way from nine into ten just because he was bursting with Time Vortex energy. He’s never regenerated that way before. Is he bursting with Dalek ray gun energy this time?

    You know, that Time Vortex energy is probably what made him into the perfect embodiment of the Doctor last time. The TARDIS loves him as much as we do–and since it was her energy that made him go nova and regenerate, I bet she had a hand (so to speak) in shaping Ten. And she made him perfect. Good girl. And thank you.

  • No. No no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.
    –MaryAnn Johanson

    Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

    Look in your heart, young Flick Filosopher. You know it’s true.


    Then again, maybe it’s not.

  • Weimlady


    The Doctor writhes on the TARDIS floor as Jack, Rose & Donna back away from him.

    JACK: “Good luck, Doctor.”

    They wait. Nothing happens.

    JACK: “Doctor, you’re not regenerating.”

    THE DOCTOR (through clenched teeth): “You noticed.”

    JACK: “Why not?”

    THE DOCTOR: “Apparently it’s not a mortal injury. Just hurts like hell. Could someone bring me a couple of Percocet?”

    Cue theme music.

    [tee hee]

  • MaryAnn

    Yeah, but since when is getting exterminated not fatal? :->

    The one thing that makes me think we won’t be losing DT is simply this: he loves playing the role so much.

    I know. I cling to that too. And I’m gonna try to get an interview with him when I go to Stratford in the fall, and the only thing that makes me think that I might have a chance is the hope that he might like another chance to geek out talking about the show and the Doctor. (Because this would be for *The Totally Geeky Guide to Doctor Who.*)

    gratuitous reminder to blog LoM, pretty please!

    I know, I know!

  • Weimlady

    MaryAnn wrote: Yeah, but since when is getting exterminated not fatal? :->

    Well, the Doctor has never actually been exterminated by a Dalek ray gun, so who’s to say they work on him exactly the same as they do on lesser life forms? And he was only approximately 1/4 exterminated, based on where he turned green and his skeleton showed. :-) Heck, Rose said they missed him. Wonder why she thought he spun around and collapsed. Sheer joy at seeing her?

    Who knows what exactly it takes to trigger a regeneration, for that matter? Obviously every hangnail and stubbed toe wouldn’t do it, but at what point does the Time Lord metabolism kick in and say, “We’re done here, he’s beyond the point of no return, time to regenerate?”

    Good luck on getting the interview. I’ll volunteer to come along and carry your bags, but you do the talking. I’d be either tongue-tied or a blabbering idiot. (Have gone both ways in the present of revered celebrities in the past.)

  • Paul Hayes

    In the very first Dalek story, one of the Thals is shot by a Dalek, but doesn’t die, in the final battle. So it’s been there right from the very start.

  • Poly in London

    It’s what Mark said: He is not leaving with such lame line. The Ninth Doctor gets: “You were fantastic. And you know what? So was I” and the Tenth gets: “It’s too late, I am regenerating”? No way!

    Good luck with the interview.

  • jakob1978

    Also in the first Dalek story, the Doctor’s companion Ian is exterminated, but just suffers temporary paralysis.

    According to the Fact File on this episode from the BBC website, The Doctor has been hit by a Dalek ray twice

    Despite their many encounters, the Doctor’s only been shot by a Dalek twice before: in 1973’s Planet of the Daleks (when a Dalek deliberately disabled the Third Doctor by zapping his legs) and in 1975’s Genesis of the Daleks, when, just prior to blowing up the Daleks’ incubation room, the Fourth Doctor received a glancing blow to his hand from a Dalek ray.

  • NorthernStar

    No. No no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no.

    That about sums it up, yeah, (with copious amounts of inarticulate wailing.)

    How they kept this secret is beyond me. (And it worries me, if they kept that secret, who knows what else they’re hiding?)

    I loathe spoilers about my favourite programmes but I’ll admit to peeking for something comforting.

    If there needs to be a riot and drawing-and-quartering, I’ll lead it.

    I have my pitch-fork on stand-by.

  • Weimlady

    Does Rose know that she made Jack immortal? I haven’t seen all of the episodes but it seems to me that Jack didn’t come back into the series until Rose was gone.

    Just wondering. Thanks.

  • MaryAnn

    I can’t see how Rose can know about Jack’s immortality. As far as we know, the only contact she has had with her original universe is that one brief conversation with the Doctor on the beach in Norway, and they didn’t talk about Jack.

  • John of Oz

    I was thinking exactly along the same lines as Erus:
    ‘the “hand” caught in the energy of the Doctor’s current regeneration will also regenerate producing a “second” doctor, but allowing DT to survive.’

    But then I thought, what other pesky Time Lord hijacked the TARDIS after just regenerating?

    Who’s to say that hand they keep cutting to is still The Doctor’s?

    John Simm may still have a way back in.

  • boz

    I think Rose knows about Jack’s immortality. in “Turn Left” she told whole alternate history to Donna.

  • Karen

    I wonder if Jack’s immortality would hold up to a Dalek deathray, since that’s how he died before? Logically (ha!) once immortal, always immortal, but maybe this is his Achilles heel. He sure was worried when the Dalek’s first showed up yelling “exterminate!”

  • MaryAnn

    Well, it obviously still hurts when he dies… and it sure seems like it hurts when he comes back to life, too.

  • Carey

    Hmmm, another wild speculation, but what if Jack somehow intervenes, giving some of his unending life force to keep the doctor in his current shape, and that’s how Jack ends up in the shape of the Face of Boe? OK, that’s just bizarre, nevermind. :)

  • Weimlady

    Quoting Carey:

    Hmmm, another wild speculation, but what if Jack somehow intervenes, giving some of his unending life force to keep the doctor in his current shape, and that’s how Jack ends up in the shape of the Face of Boe? OK, that’s just bizarre, nevermind. :)

    Carey, you’ve read my mind! That’s where I was going with my own resolution of this cliffhanger that I’ll probably never get around to writing since it will be resolved in 2 days by those better qualified than I. Jack was going to step in after the regeneration failed and use his energy to heal him. It is Time Vortex energy, after all. What could be more likely to be compatible with the Doctor? Channeled through Rose, and Jack, and so amplified by the power of their love for him.

    RTD said, according to http://io9.com/5021351/first-awful-glimpse-of-keanu-reeves-as-klaatu:

    [T]he Doctor is “effectively out of action” after getting zapped. “Lots of questions will be answered,” including questions about the Doctor and Rose, says producer Russell T. Davies. It’s the story of “how far you would go to save the people you love, with the greatest loved one of all being the Doctor.”

    It’s all about the power of love! Not bizarre at all.

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