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is that a TARDIS in your yard, or are you just happy to see me?

Only the Brits would have a competition for best original garden shed, and only a Brit would come up with this:

Imagine, if only I had a yard, I could be the biggest dork on my block with my TARDIS shed…

(That’s the second cool thing today I snagged from Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy. I keep meaning to link to Phil because he’s a huge Doctor Who fan — no, really. Also, he’s totally cool, which I discovered when we did a panel together at WorldCon in 2006 — if you like my stuff, you’ll probably like his.)

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  • I think it’d be really cool if someone came up with a molding system that you could use to create your very own cast-concrete TARDIS, which you could then paint to match the original.

  • I want one!

    I wish the Doctor came with it.

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