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remake of ‘The Prisoner’ is on

But I can’t say I’m particularly happy about the details, as announced by Prisoner “official appreciation society” Six of One:

6th June, 2008 – SIX OF ONE EXCLUSIVE – The 2009 mini-series of the The Prisoner will feature six one-hour episodes, all written by Bill Gallagher (Clocking Off; Conviction; Lark Rise to Candleford). Sir Ian McKellen (The Lord of the Rings; The Da Vinci Code) is in the role of Number Two and James Caviezel (Deja Vu; The Passion of the Christ) plays Number Six. The producer is Trevor Hopkins (Dracula; Agatha Christie: Poirot; William and Mary) and direction is by Jon Jones (Cold Feet; Northanger Abbey; Diary of Anne Frank). Location filming is in Namibia and Cape Town, with shooting commencing in the first week of August, 2008. The “pacy, radical reinvention of the original show” is a joint production between AMC (American Movie Channel) and ITV (UK).

(Lots more links and news at Six of One.)

Yea to Sir Ian, but Jim Caviezel? I’m not seeing it. Perhaps that’s just my disappointment over the non-panning-out of the rumor that Christopher Eccleston would be taking the role.

And South Africa? They’re not shooting in Portmeirion? Oh dear. No no no, this won’t do at all…

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  • And South Africa? They’re not shooting in Portmeirion? Oh dear. No no no, this won’t do at all…

    Part of our honeymoon this past March was in Portmeirion, I don’t think they want a film crew taking over the place anymore (especially with it’s listed buildings…)

    I also agree with the disappointment that Eccleston is no longer on the project, but do I really want him associated with every revival of my favorite programs…

    Plus… Only one number two?!? Even in the very first episode we had two number twos…

    I fear for this version…………


  • PaulW

    Apparently they couldn’t get filming rights in Gitmo.

    Wonder if any of this will have anything to say about the BS political climate we’re in now, with the Republican leadership screaming about the recent SCOTUS decision upholding Habeas rights, with all these years of water-boardings and killings of innocent cab drivers.

    Is MacGoohan advising the program in any way…?

  • MaryAnn

    Supposedly MacGoohan will appear in at least one episode.

  • angel

    James Caviezel? You’ve got to be kidding me! They chose Mister Puppy-Dog-Eyes with the droopy line readings to match instead of the wonderful, sexy, incredibly talented, incomparable Christopher Eccleston?

    What are they thinking?

  • PaulW

    Actors that would be ‘perfect’ to play Number Six:

    1) Hugh Jackman
    2) Jet Li (!)
    3) Paul Bettany
    4) Samuel L. Jackson (why not? he’s in everything)
    5) Sean Pertwee
    6) Kevin McKidd

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