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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

so funny, so not safe for the cowardly mainstream media (or work)

Spoiler: It’s all about how John McCain called his wife a cunt. No, really, he did.

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via Americablog

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  • Ha! That’s pretty great. And I love that one of the tags on the entry is “cunt”.

    Well hey, The Daily Show did cover it, and they’re really the only ones you can count on now for honest news coverage. So.

  • OMG that is Cunting hilarious. :) I was going to say I like the part where… but then I realized I like almost all of this. :)

    Thanks for posting. I will now go and rate that on YouTube.

  • MBI

    The only source for this story is Cliff Schecter’s hit piece book The Real McCain, who says he got it from three anonymous Arizona reporters. I’ve looked at Schecter’s credentials and have no reason to believe that he made it up, but speaking as a professional journalist: This is not a “legitimate news story.” And there are plenty of legitimate and sourced news stories about McCain that would do just as much as damage, although they would hardly be as much fun.

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