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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

trying something new with the bias meter

Got the bias meter up there at the top of the page — at the top of most pages on the site. Cuz I think it’s important to make sure that everyone knows exactly how biased I am. The whole idea of the bias meter was to keep the concept in front of your face all the time, which was getting lost in making it just another blog entry. But I guess I’ll post at least a quickie blog entry when I update the bias meter, mostly to ID the latest entries for those who don’t immediately recognize them, but also to get some text in here, because that’s what Google and Technorati and such recognize. (And you wouldn’t believe the hits I’m getting lately off people searching on “David Tennant.” So, you know, any opportunity to mention his name in a halfway legitimate manner has got to be a good thing.)

So, IDing:

obsession: Doctor Who (most recent episode blogging: “The Poison Sky”)
boyfriend: David Tennant as the Doctor (I’m starting a whole summer of Tennant and Hamlet)
psyched: Get Smart (I’ll be very sad if this one sucks)
dreading: The Love Guru, dear god no
enemy: Carrie Bradshaw, because no one should have that much disposable income to spend on shoes

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