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16 Emmys noms for ‘Mad Men’

Basic cable smacked the networks and pay cable today when Mad Men (and Damages) were nominated in the best-drama-series category, a first for basic cable. As the AP also notes, rather gleefully, “stars from cable’s less glamorous channels also made a splash in major acting categories.”

I’m still watching Season One of Mad Men on DVD, and I’ll probably have something to say about it next week, before Season Two starts on Sunday, July 27, at 10pm Eastern on AMC. I probably could have held off on springing for the DVDs, though, because AMC just announced that it will marathon Season One this Sunday, July 20, starting at noon Eastern and letting the episodes run through 1am the next day. So if you need to catch up, here ya go.

(Speaking of Damages, I’ve got a Season One box set around here somewhere. I should watch that…)

I may blog about Mad Men on an episode-by-episode basis when the new season starts. It’s felt kinda weird not to be doing that since Battlestar Galactica and Lost have been off the air.

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  • I tried watching Mad Men, but trailed off for some reason. Damages too, actually. I’ve got them both sitting around here somewhere. 16 Emmy nominations is enough to convince me to give it another go, for sure. I wonder if The Sopranos ever got that many for a single season.

  • JoshDM

    There is a Season One Marathon of Mad Men on this Sunday, on AMC, I think. Or A&E. One of those two. I’m DVR’ing the HD version of the appropriate channel.

    Mostly b/c I want to see some Saffron.

  • JoshDM

    Gah. That’s what I get for not reading the blog entirely first. :P

  • Jason

    For those of you with Time Warner Digital Cable, the entire first season of “Mad Men” is available all this month Free On Demand in both HD and regular ol’ D. I didn’t know about this until last night. Makes me glad I held off on that Blu-Ray set, at least for now.

  • ashok

    The Emmys are an absolute joke. There is reams of evidence for this but all that one really needs to know is the fact that The Wire has not received a SINGLE Emmy nomination. Battlestar Galactica got passed over too this year from what I heard. Shows like this are so far beyond the mediocre stuff that gets nominated year after year that it leaves my jaw truly on the floor in response to the idiocy of the voters.

  • ashok

    Oops. forgot to mention this was in response to Newbs’ post.

  • Rose

    I, for one, think you blogging on an
    episode-by-episode basis for “Mad Men”
    would be the bees knees.

    I find this show and the characters
    infinitely interesting and complicated,
    and would love to get an intelligent
    perspective on each episode.

    On a side note, I can’t help but to
    pine for the days where men would wear
    hats with their suits. Maybe it will
    catch on again, I think it’s rather

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