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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

American ‘Life on Mars’ crashing and burning

I’d love to say “I told you so.” Oh, wait: I did.

Thanks to reader Proper Dave who pointed out in comments this disturbing news of the already disturbing American remake of the BBC series Life on Mars:

It’s quite common for series producers to replace actors after shooting a pilot and getting feedback…. However, it’s much rarer for the whole cast to be fired, which is what has happened with ABC’s remake of Life On Mars. Well, almost the whole cast. They are apparently keeping star Jason O’Mara, despite lukewarm initial reviews of his performance as Sam Tyler.

Oh, man. They dumped Colm Meaney and kept O’Mara? Why would they do that?

But it gets worse:

And, as TV Scoop reports, they are “expanding” the original series’ “mythology.”

So, basically, they’re gonna take everything that was great about the original — which is among the greatest television series ever — and they’re gonna futz with it. Why would they do that?

There’s more. It ain’t pretty.

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