Birds of Prey: The Complete Series (review)

Like, oh my god, chick superheroes! And they are, like, as totally dull and shallow as chick superheroes almost always are in Hollywood’s limited imagination. But hey, they look fantabulous — if your idea of fantabulous conforms to a narrow set of phony pop-culture standards — what with all the tight leather and the bared midriffs and the pouty collagen-enhanced lips and the vapid stares. After all, this was a hit on the WB during the 2002-3 TV season, and these adventures of the daughter of Batman and Catwoman, the “metahuman” Huntress (Ashley Scott: Jericho), as she protects New Gotham City after her dad like totally abandoned it — bummer! — are all WB, pandering to a level of adolescent angst that even adolescents would find superficial. Through 13 episodes, Huntress and her so-bitchen roommates — Oracle (Dina Meyer: Saw II), who used to be Batgirl until the Joker tried to kill her and is now a computer expert confined in a wheelchair (bummer!); and Dinah (Rachel Skarsten), who is learning how to use her metahuman skills while going to high school (bummer!) — mope a lot, wallow in self-pity, and once in a while fight crime, which gets conquered pretty darn easily, leaving plenty of time to rescue a baby, fall in love with inappropriate men (all of whom are as screamingly dull as the gals), and have gabfests over fears of committment. I wish it were as funny as it sounds, because then it might be entertaining. Also included in the four-disc set are the unaired pilot and all 30 episodes of the animated Web series Gotham Girls.

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