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rare female film critic | by maryann johanson

British ‘Doctor Who’ fan hurts my American feelings

WARNING: Major spoiler about the latest episode of Doctor Who — which has not yet aired in the U.S. — follows. Don’t read further if you don’t want to know what’s going on.

So, on Monday the British press finally started commenting on that shocking ending of “The Stolen Earth”… such as Gareth McLean in his TV&Radio blog at guardian.co.uk, who talks more about the wonders of keeping anything secret in today’s gossipy, wired world than he does about the possibility that David Tennant may be leaving the show. Which is certainly valid commentary to be made. How we didn’t get one whiff of this twist is truly astonishing.
But it’s one of McLean’s commenters who made me stop short and wonder what the hell he meant. Perhaps a Brit reading this can fill me in. Commenter “matey” posted this:

Really hope they don’t change Tennant, but if they do that they get someone completely different (ie someone the americans find unpalletable/quaint)

Why would anyone wish for a new actor in the role that Americans would not like? Is there some sort of bizarre conception among British fans that either Eccleston or Tennant were picked for the role because they would somehow appeal to Americans… and if so, what drugs are those people on? It’s not as if Doctor Who is anything other than a cult thing here, or that it ever could be anything other than a weird oddity that appeals to only a tiny, tiny minority of geeks.

Or is matey the one who’s on drugs?

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