daily list: top 5 Heath Ledger performances (after the Joker)

After you’ve recovered from experiencing Heath Ledger’s harrowing turn as the Joker, honor his memory — and lament what else might have been — with a look at these other flicks, in which the actor truly distinguishes himself:
1. Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain. If Ledger wins an Oscar for Dark Knight, it’ll be because he should have won one for his tortured Ennis. [my review] [buy at Amazon]

2. Skip in Lords of Dogtown. Ledger’s based-on-reality performance here as a 1970s skateboard guru is the first time I really sat up and took notice of the talent the actor was maturing into. [my review] [buy at Amazon]

3. Dan in Candy. The actor’s portrayal of a particularly twisted junkie is spectacular (if the film around him is a tad melodramatic), and of course feels a tad prophetic now. [my review] [buy at Amazon]

4. Robbie in I’m Not There. More prophecy? See Ledger’s troubled movie star (a riff on the demigodhood of Bob Dylan) for its takedown of the coddled celebrity. [my review] [buy at Amazon]

5. Casanova in Casanova. For pure joie de vivre — Ledger’s characters weren’t always about pain and suffering — don’t miss his delightful (and underappreciated) work here, which feels as much like play as an actor’s labor ever does. [my review] [buy at Amazon]

Ledger’s filmography at IMDB, if you need more, and more DVDs at Amazon

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