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thanks a lot, Sci Fi Channel

[potential Doctor Who spoilers, if you’ve not been following the show as it aired in the U.K.]

Thanks, Sci Fi Channel, for being such miserable spoiling fucks. Did you really, honestly, truly have to ruin the suspense at the end of “The Stolen Earth”? The episode ends with the Doctor in, you know, the throes of regeneration, and saying, “I’m regenerating.” When this aired in Britain a few weeks ago, surprising the hell out of everyone and making us sick to our stomachs for a week, the coming attractions for the next episode continued the suspense by not, you know, showing us scenes of the Doctor still played by David Tennant.

Not everyone is cheating by watching the episodes as they air in England. Did you really have to snatch away all the fun of a week’s worth of wondering what the hell was gonna happen for everyone else?

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