don’t forget! ‘Kung Fu Killer,’ tonight on Spike!

Set your TiVo! Really. (I’ve just watched it on an advanced screener, so you know I know what I’m talking about.) And then, the next time you can’t sleep, you can put this on, and you’ll be out like a light in two minutes. *snore*

Remember how we talked about trailer, and how terrible it made the movie look? The movie wishes it could be that inadvertently entertaining.

Honestly, the only thing even remotely interesting about this, and only in a metacultural sense, is how lusciously plump Daryl Hannah is here, completely defying the Hollywood standard of the moment. She’s gorgeous and wonderfully not-skinny. You could just totally drink her up, she’s so succulent. I mean, she’s boring, but she’s beautiful. Just what Spike guys want in a gal. So not that subversive after all, perhaps.

Kung Fu Killer! Debuting tonight at 10pm Eastern, only on Spike! And it’s only Part I! Part II tomorrow night at 10pm Eastern! Endless options for putting yourself to sleep!

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