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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “lego indiana jones”

More LEGO fun. At first I was thinking, What inspires people to do such things?, but then it took a strange turn, and then I knew:

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  • It’s just another version of fanfic!!!

  • Hdj

    Hey MJ , they got a game called Lego Indiana jones, I didn’t play that yet but I did play Lego Star wars and if the gameplays anything like Lego Star wars im sure its fun as hell, you oughta give it a try. Im sure you dont have a game console but if you know someone that does its a funny little addictive game.

  • MaryAnn

    I don’t have a game console. And I really don’t get the Lego games thing.

  • Hdj

    Its hard to explain, theres tons of things in the game that you can break and if you break the right pieces you automatically build something else, that can advance you farther in the level. Like if you break a tree and need you steps, thats what gets built. Theres hidden blocks and at the end off the level, like in the star wars, if you gather enough pieces you can unlock like speedracers and xwings. its dumb fun.

  • Nice video. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kenny

    I’d not watched that before :D The entire way through I was thinking “Isn’t that C-3PO’s head?”

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