watch it: “John McCain Losing His Cool”

I’m in England at the moment, where I’m getting an, um, interesting perspective on the American presidential campaigning. So just to be perverse, all this week I’m highlighting YouTube video of Republican candidate John McCain, for two reasons. 1) He’s a nut, and as many people as possible need to know that before they go to the polls on November 4. And 2) The possibility that McCain could potentially be derailed as a candidate through his own words — as propagated on YouTube — is a banner moment for the Internet. Theoretically, this kind of material has always been available before… if the mainstream corporate media deigned to air it. Today, we can see it for ourselves… as long as the word about it gets out.

McCain berates a witness at a Senate hearing to the point of driving her to tears, and then he walks out. Your elected representatives at work, folks. Want to imagine McCain walking out of, oh, a summit meeting or a UN speech? Go right ahead.

Oh, yeah: this witness was an advocate on POW/MIA issues. You’d think McCain would have been more sympathetic.

(In the interest of equal time, I welcome hearing about any similarly scary YouTube video of Barack Obama. Just drop me an email with a YouTube link.)

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Mon, Sep 29, 2008 12:05pm

I only have this video of Michelle Obama referring to a white person as a “whitey”.

J Anne Baker
J Anne Baker
Mon, Sep 29, 2008 12:53pm

Sen. McCai was just as rude to Sen. Obama, not even looking at him during the debate. I do not think Sen. Obama would walk out on anybody. Sen. McCain was trembling due to anger and inability to control his emotions, he had trouble putting his glasses asway, was planning to get up and walk out more than once. And has passage of years made Sen. McCain even less impulsive, more sensitive, to those coming before him asking his help? Don’t think so.