watch it: “Kid Rock Warrior Video”

This is one of the most horrifying things I’ve ever seen, and yet, it shocks me not:

It’s like one of those bits of propaganda in Starship Troopers, which — like much of our satire — is looking less like satire every day.

I’m not sure which is more appalling: the likening of NASCAR drivers to “warriors,” or the suggestion that the poor saps who sign up for the National Guard in the hopes that the recruitment bonus will pay off some credit card debt will get suckered into believing they’re as cool as NASCAR racers. Perhaps that will comfort them when they’re getting blown up by IEDs on a Basra roadside.

Oh, and ya gotta love that first line of the song: “Don’t tell me who’s wrong or right when liberty starts slipping away.” Oh, the layers of awfulness wrapped up in that! It’s probably safe to assume that the audience to whom this is intended to appeal doesn’t understand that the only people responsible for liberty slipping away are our own leaders. But that means that that audience is okay with being “wrong” as long as they believe we’re defending “liberty” from “slipping away.”

So, does that mean these folks thinks it would be okay to waterboard Dick Cheney and George Bush?

I guess we know what Kid Rock and Dale Earnhardt Jr. would say about that.

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