watch it: that Tina Fey-does-Sarah Palin SNL sketch

I swear, everywhere I went yesterday, the only thing everyone was talking about was Tina Fey’s postironic smackdown of Sarah Palin. (I call it postironic because it’s virtually indistinguishable from Sarah Palin simply being Sarah Palin, which in itself would be laughable if she weren’t on the verge of being President Palin, which is simply terrifying.) And almost everyone I overheard talking about it said something like, “Yeah, I finally caught up with it online.” Cuz who watches Saturday Night Live anymore? Since when did it stop sucking? But you don’t have to watch it anymore, because any bits of it worth seeing instantly go viral on the Net.

So score one for online video. Score another if the proliferation of online-only ads, video documentation of flip-flips and outright lies, and embarrassing clips from the past are actually a factor in influencing this presidential election.

In case you, like me, didn’t see Tina Fey live from New York on Saturday night:

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