yes, ‘Torchwood’ blogging is back!

Hoorah for me. It’s only taken me half a year to get back to writing about Torchwood. Um, I was caught in the Rift. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It may have seemed like six months to you, but it was a matter of mere moments to me.

I’ve got the final episode of Season 1 to blog about — I’ll post that tomorrow — and then it’s on to Season 2. Season 2 is out on Region 1 DVD this week (and I’ll post a spoiler-free review of that probably tomorrow, too), but I’ve been rewatching Season 2 on Region 2, where it’s been available for quite a while. So I’m raring to go on my episode-by-episode, spoiler-laden, lovefest blogging.

Here’s the plan. Get crackin’ watching Season 2, if you haven’t already. (You can also download the episodes on iTunes, or watch them on HD Net, though that network is currently in the middle of Season 2.) And then tune in here starting Wednesday, September 24, for my blogging on Season 2. Ideally, I’d like to get the whole season ready to go and schedule them to post one a day while I’m away — appropriately enough, in England — from the 24th through October 4. Though my “summer of David Tennant and Hamlet still needs quite a bit of work before I depart, too, so I may be biting off more than I can chew. But that’s the plan. Who needs sleep anyway?

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