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maryann johanson | #BlackLivesMatter

me on Christopher Eccleston’s ‘Doctor Who’

I’ve gotten a few emails and comments recently bemoaning the “fact” that I haven’t written about Christopher Eccleston’s episodes of Doctor Who the way I did about David Tennant’s. The truth is, actually, that I did… sorta. I started, anyway, though not with quite the same depth or approach, back when my blog Geek Philosophy was extant. That blog got swallowed up by MaryAnnJohanson.com, and I still haven’t fixed all the linkage, and it’s a bit of a mess trying to find those posts there. So here are the direct links to what exists of my blogging on Eccleston’s Doctor:

“Rose”/“The End of the World”
“The Unquiet Dead”/“Aliens of London”
”World War Three”/“Dalek”
”The Long Game”/“Father’s Day”

And that’s as far as I got. I’ll probably just start over again here at FlickFilosopher.com looking at each episode in depth, as preparation for the book I’m planning on Eccleston’s Doctor (and yes, a book on Tennant’s will follow as well). For now, though, you can enjoy these.

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