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‘Doctor Who’ Christmas special preview!

Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! Just five and a half more weeks to wait for new Doctor Who. Here’s a sneak peek:

Reader Weimlady has offered her idea about what she thinks is going on:

I want to go on record here and now with my guess as to what’s happening in the show. The other Doctor and his assistant Rosita are LARPers (Live Action Role Players, for any non-geek who happens to wander in here by mistake) from the future–think Jeff Daniels’ wonderful time travel movie Grand Tour-Disaster in Time, but the visitors from the future are role players, not just tourists. They’re role-playing the Doctor and Rose–just got Rose’s name a bit off–because they are “the stuff of legend” (see Satan Pit). The Cybershades are the creation of the guys running the game–again, just a bit off the “legend.” They must have gotten the Doctor’s story via Mr. Copper (VotD).

Real Cybermen get wind of the faux Cybershades and come to see what’s going on. The real Doctor (the one and only Ten) then has to save the day, as is his wont.

Come back and tell me how right I was (if I was!) after it airs! I will be insufferably smug about if it so. :-)

I like that idea, but I bet it’s all going to be so much stranger than we can imagine. I do agree that it’s unlikely that David Morrissey’s “Doctor” is the real Doctor: there’s the Blinovitch Limitation Effect to worry about, for one…

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  • JSW

    Technically, the current Doctor is Eleven. He just looks, sounds, acts, and is played by the same actor as Ten.

  • PaulW

    LARPing as the Doctor?! That’s not a bad idea!

    (calls dibs on the Fifth’s outfit) Can I get a Tegan? Any Tegans??

  • blake

    The Next Doctor seems to have a real screwdriver not a sonic one.
    I could be wrong.

  • angel

    I’m waaay too excited about this – probably because I’ll actually be in London to watch it on TV and then to see Hamlet two nights later!! Pinch me!

  • jonat

    This is supposed to be the new doctor to replace Tennant in season five? I’m sorry, I don’t like him. Tennent has been, in my opinion, the best doctor since Tom Baker. Morrissey has some huge shoes to fill, and I’m not seeing it. He seems a bit cocky, like Colin Baker (which I thought was a disaster). Hello! We’re supposed to LIKE the doctor! I don’t want to be annoyed by my all-time favorite sci-fi character. I’ll say this, the companion better be something special to keep me watching.

  • NorthernStar

    You forgot to add that this preview came as part of the BBC’s Children in Need appeal.

    Please, please, please donate to this very worthy cause. You can do so on the Beeb’s website – BBC(dot)co(dot)uk

  • Russ Howe

    I think this “New Doctor” is a con artist, playing on the Doctors reputation to run scams. Since the real Doctor can’t be everywhere, there are lot of planets out there that would have heard of the Doctor and be open to giving him something in exchange for help . . . ? Or perhaps he even invents a situation so he can come in and “save the day”

  • Wow! Thanks for headlining my comment! I feel like a star! :)

    I do want to say also how wonderful it is to see the Doctor looking happy and full of himself again in this preview. I don’t think I could take any serious angst in the specials, given the real-life angst of losing David in the role. I hope they’re all upbeat, silly, and mad, in the best tradition of the show.

    Dare we hope for more classic Who bits of business like “shaking the radiation into his Converse” or “detoxing from cyanide poisoning” to cherish after Ten is TV history?

    WE DARE! (Well…I dare.)

  • Rosie

    glad it got over to you !! got so excited and started blabbing to my US mates!
    So I think the game play idea is great idea..be nice to think the legend lives on and there’s role play with in the role play!!.. a bit of fun to be had anyway and Tennant and Morrisey are friends afterall..
    yeh hurrah not long to go… think I’ll need to start watching from the beginning again!!

  • Joanne

    Weimlady: I like your theory, and also I agree it’s wonderful to see happy!Doctor – though I want to know what’s happened since he was dripping on the console at the end of “Journey’s End” to cheer him up so. But DT’s smile just makes me want to smile too. :)

  • I’m sure the fanfiction writers will be happy to tell you what happened between Journey’s End and The Next Doctor. In fact, they’re almost certainly scribbling away on it already. :)

  • MaryAnn

    Weimlady, you can be assured that *I* — in my fanfic writing mode — know why the Doctor is so happy, and will probably write a story about that eventually.

    This is supposed to be the new doctor to replace Tennant in season five?

    No, it isn’t. Not that I’d object to Morrissey — he’s fantastic — but there are several more stories to be aired in 2009 with Tennant as the Doctor. I think we can rest assured that Morrissey is NOT the next proper Doctor.

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