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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: “Doctor Who: What are you doing here?”

Celebrate the 45th anniversary of Doctor Who with a little trip through the show’s history:

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  • blake

    It’s not as good as the Thanks For The Memories one they had in Doctor Who confidential. Which the Beeb cut out for the DVD release of series 3.


    Someone put it on You Tube, though.

  • the rook

    what are you doing here?


    so how will you know when you’re finished?

  • blake

    Well, you never really know you’re finished.

    But when they know, you’ll know.


  • jakob1978

    I rather like this vid, showing clips of every doctor who story


  • I was going to make a tribute video featuring all the corridors they’ve run down over the series, but unfortunately I ran out of hard drive space.

  • i want to do one where all the lines that go, “Doctor? Doctor who?” or of that ilk.

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