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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

watch it: President-elect Obama’s first Internet-side YouTube chat

I might post these every week…

I like what he’s saying. Then again, Santa Claus always says nice things, too.

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  • Nathan

    Santa?!? I know him!

    Seriously, though, can you describe your state of mind when Santa talks to you? Are you on any prescription medication or have you used any illegal drugs lately? Any recent head trauma?

  • Ken


    Firefox-side? I think I like Firefox-side.

  • No, can’t be Firefox-side. The administration has to be open to all. :)

  • JoshDM

    ‘I don’t want to be Santa Claus. I want to be Captain Kirk. Captain Kirk was a leader’.

  • NorthernStar


    In many ways, the euphoria over Obama’s election reminds me of the jubilation the UK felt when Tony Blair came to power.

    Now I firmly believe Mr Blair did a lot of good and I still admire him but sadly he did not live up to the expectations placed upon him. I can see Obama facing the same disappointment.

  • MBI

    He can achieve maybe 2 percent of the things he promises and he’ll still have more respect than any president I can actually remember.

  • He’s got a signed basketball in the corner there. I kinda wonder who signed it.

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