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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

an embarrassment of ‘Doctor Who’ riches

I ordered a ridiculous number of Doctor Who DVDs recently, and when they arrived, it was like Christmas morning:

A really gratifying Christmas morning.

I also just received screeners of two new early January Region 1 DVD releases: the Peter Davison story “Four to Doomsday” and the William Hartnell story “The War Machines.”

It’s gonna be a fun few months. Stay tuned for reviews geeking out.

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  • blake

    This reminds me when I got a box full of back issues of 2000AD and JD case files for Christmas.

    And a Anderson action figure.

    Boxes full of geeky stuff that arrive at your door are always 100% awesome.


    Did they arrive in a box filled with polystyrene ?
    That makes it even cooler.

  • MaryAnn

    No polystyrene. They didn’t any extra packing, there were so many of them filling up the box. :->

  • As a side note, did you hear that David Tennant is out of Hamlet for now while he has surgery for a slipped disk?

  • PaulW

    Oooooh, I see Pyramids of Mars!!!


    The original series finale, Survival!!!

    And Planet of… Evil… um… yeah… (calms down a tad)

    OOOH! OOOH! Tell me you got the Sun Makers! >:-) Watch that one on Apr. 15th…

  • When are these coming out on Bluray? ;)

    I’d love to pick up that Trial of a Time Lord box, mostly for the documentary about the series turmoil at that time.

    I recall when these things started coming out on disc and thinking “God, how long is it gonna take to get these all released? Will I live long enough?” With the entire shelf I’ve got filled with these guys, I’m not sure I should be impressed or slightly embarrased. :)

  • eric-jon rössel waugh

    Whoa, ye olde Key to Time. Just to point out, an updated version of that is coming out in about two months, with cleaned up picture and sound and a wealth of special features. And in tidier packaging.

    Wait, three months.

    Differences detailed here.

  • Kathy A

    I just got my big Amazon DVD order on Monday, so I can relate, MaryAnn! They had a big sale last week, so I got Doctor Who Season 1 (for half off–$50!), Season 4 (Donna is my favorite companion ever, and it’s just heartbreaking to watch the early eps knowing what’s going to happen to her), Muppet Show Season 3, West Wing final season (only $18, so I had to get it), and the second Looney Tunes Golden Collection set (which has “What’s Opera, Doc?” included).

    Spent way too much, but I couldn’t resist!

    I should have picked up “The Five Doctors” as well, but I didn’t think of that until the weekend.

  • blake

    The Five Doctors is lame.
    It’s the only classic Who I’ve got and nothing interesting happens.

    Tom Baker goes under a bride so he can’t be teleported like the other Docs ???

    You think Time Lord science would have been able to master the bridge.

    The Master skipping on a chequered board.
    Skipping evilly, no doubt.

    Jon Pertwee fights the T-1000s older brother.

    Patrick Troughton fights a ,um, giant hairy kiwi fruit. It’s been a while so that might not be true.

    Davison has a really creepy companion with red hair who I would have dropped off in the Cretaceous period.

    On the plus side :
    Sarah Jane.
    Yay !!

  • Apparently MaryAnn’s bailout finally came through.;-)

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