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part of a small rebellion | by maryann johanson

just watched the half-season finale of ‘Heroes’…

It’s turning in X-Men in February, isn’t it?

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  • joey

    Hasn’t it pretty much been X-Men all along? But if you mean they’re pretty much copying the plot of the first movie, then yes, it is.

  • MaryAnn

    Yes, that’s what I mean.

  • It’s turning in X-Men in February, isn’t it?

    If only that has been true. If it did, it too often seemed more like X-Men 3 than X-Men 2.

    However, it was good to see Ellen Greene on the small screen again.

    As for the season finale…well, there’s a reason the recent Chuck finale is getting better word-of-mouth on the Net than this show’s season finale. Chuck has never been anything more than shamelessly predictable junk food but at least the ingredients of the finale were prepared in a genuinely pleasing manner and some plot threads were actually tied up. Plus, the show’s writers actually tried to deliver on what little they promised.

    The writers of Heroes, on the other hand… It’s like they continually promising filet mignon but then delivering it undercooked and then messing up the side dishes to boot.

    I don’t go into any further details but the fourth season does look to be even worse than the third.


    Though there was one scene that should please Tim1974…

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