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the oh-yes DVD of the week: ‘Doctor Who – The Next Doctor – 2008 Christmas Special’

It’s not really this week — it’ll be released in Region 2 on January 19, 2009 — but I need to scrub this week’s oh-no DVDs out of my head:

“The Next Doctor” airs, of course, on Christmas night in the U.K. I expect to be able to report on it, via tha magic of teh Intarwebs, by a day or two later.

I really must get around to reviewing Blackpool — also with David Tennant and David Morrissey — very very soon…

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  • So looking forward to this one. Loved the two of them in Blackpool.

  • i had already pre-ordered this one…

  • Got my copy this week and just finished watching it. Have to say that, even if The Next Doctor weren’t on this DVD, I’d still feel I had gotten my money’s worth. And then some. Doctor Who at the Proms–the B side, allegedly, of the disk–is absolutely soul-stirringly wonderful! I had listened to the soundtrack over the net last summer, and seen David’s little new mini-episode on Youtube, but the DVD has the whole thing. And I’ve changed my mind–David shouldn’t be knighted for his services to the arts, he should be canonized. The camera delights in showing the faces of children in the audience, as they absorb the experience, listen to Murray Gold’s fantastic music, and watch real live Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans, Judoon and Ood (not to mention that pesky Graske!) wander around the Albert Hall! Between this and Hamlet, David has done more to introduce a whole generation to the really good stuff our culture has to offer than anyone else I can think of. (Of course he had a lot of help–hats off to RTD, etc, as well.)

    Three thumbs up for this one! (I cheated and used my handy spare hand for the third one…)

    Oh yeah…The Next Doctor was good, too. :)

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