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what’s gonna happen on ‘Battlestar Galactica’?

(I’ll be getting to work on the remaining three preview articles mentioned here this weekend, so I’m bumping this up, looking for more comments and ideas.)

It begins Friday, January 16, 10pm Eastern, Sci Fi Channel, Planet Earth.

The last ten episodes of Battlestar Galactica.

Over the last four years, we’ve been suckered in and teased and taunted and left hanging for months and months at a time, and we’ve expended so much precious time and energy and mojo and soul on speculating this and debating that and wondering just who the frak that final Cylon is that it will almost be a relief when it’s over and we can have our brains back.

Until then, what’s a geek to do except speculate and debate some more? Which is what I intend to do — with your help — over the next few weeks.
What’s to come in the second half of the fourth and final season? We get a peek in the online-only teaser “The Epic Journey”:

(You can watch it in higher quality at SciFi.com.)

It’s an excellent — and by that, of course, I mean “extremely frustrating, in a deliciously geeky way” — encapsulation of everything that’s been driving us nuts. Is it Earth Earth the fleet has discovered, our Earth? If it is, is it in our past? our future? What are the Cylons going to do about us humans? Will they erase us, kill their parents, so they can “come into their own,” as Leoben sneers in that trailer? Am I wrong to assume, when I say “us,” that our stand-ins here are the humans — the colonials escaping in their ragtag fleet — when maybe there’s reason to believe that our stand-ins are the Cylons? If the colonials and the Cylon have landed on our Earth in our past, maybe the human and the Cylon will learn how to coexist, and we’ll end up being the descendents of their half-human, half-toaster babies?

I don’t know. I have no answers. No one does — well, Ron Moore does, and he ain’t talking. But that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it like we do know something. So let’s go. Leave me a comment and tell me whether you think we really are screwed if Adama is the final Cylon, whether you think humans beings really do have to suffer and endure because we have no choice, and/or your ideas about what the hell is going on, who the fifth secret Cylon is, why Katee Sackhoff could totally kick Dirk Benedict’s ass, whatever. I’ll explore your ideas — and some of my own — over the next few weeks. (Those other pieces will run exclusively on Film.com — I’ll post links to them as they go live.)

We’ll all be completely wrong, of course, but it’ll be a whole lotta fun while we wait for January.

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