‘Burn Notice’ returns tonight

It still seems too much like a summer show to be debuting a new season in January, but USA doesn’t care what I think: They’re bringing back the warm-breeze, snack-food spy series Burn Notice tonight at 10pm Eastern.

Don’t get me wrong: I love the show, I think it’s the perfect blend of comedy and action and character, and I’m excited to see how our hero Michael is gonna escape getting blown up, as he appears to have been when last we saw him. But it’s all so perfectly, wonderfully fluffy and turn-your-brain-off without being brainless that it’s been ideally suited for the July runs its been enjoying previously: it’s the perfect show for when it’s too hot to think, not for when it’s too cold to crawl out from under the blankets.

Then again, perhaps the tropical Miami setting will be cheering at this time of year.

Also: The show features Bruce Campbell, which is always a Good Thing.
Now, USA, in an effort to be more green — which I applaud — didn’t send out screener DVDs of the premiere episode: they sent us critics a link to a digital press kit, which includes streaming video of the premiere. And I know I said I was gonna watch it so I could review it. And I tried — I really did. But the video is so tiny — smalled than a YouTube video — and not enlargeable, and sitting hunched over my laptop for 45 minutes is not my idea of the best way to watch TV. If I could have at least made it fill the laptop screen, it might have been okay.

So I’m stuck having to watch it with everyone else tonight. And that’s fine. And I have every confidence that this new season of Burn Notice will be just as enjoyable as the previous ones (unlike some other series I could mention). Because it’s not trying to be smart or clever: it just effortlessly does it.

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